Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Here’s the new video:

Well done, @cuckoomusic!

The OP-Z has song mode
Cuckoo live in Berlin with the OPZ!
OP-Z shipped from Sweetwater today 10/26
Superbooth 18
Coming soon

Not even watched it yet but wooooo!
Just what we need to stem the DT/MPC gas.
This thing is mine!


RElease date?


Skimmed it like the most beautiful pebble that ever existed and BLAM!

Hold the phones, hold the mayo!

Not even buying food until this drops.
TE have swooped in with such elegance and pinache, yet again.

BINGOOA! As Larry David would say it!


I could not be more excited. I’m also looking forward to this hopefully replacing 3 things in my live rig!


PS thanks @cuckoomusic
I’m not a big vid watcher but man, great timing! This has made me respect the knuckleball when it was a high fastball outside or inside changeup I was looking at!

KER-BLAM! Over the Greenmonster!!!


Why don’t I just have direct deposit into my Sweden account every month. Jeez this is hot


to be honest, the preview doesn’t convince me in a way of making music with this unit, or let’s say a new approach to do things. things look a bit complicated without the screen for visual feedback. it takes a while and a lot of clicks till there is a 16-step sequence running. what do you like about it? well, let’s see.


I like everything about it!
Too excited to keep my fingers tapping on this screen!!!

This will be the shit that every sewerage engineer dreams of!


This will spawn a breed of SupaNinja that governments will seek to infiltrate and dismantle for fear of being overthrown.


Target date September 2017


I hate to wish the whole summer away… but I am :joy:


Sure, it looks nice. But I’m not really sure if I like the form-factor. The keyboard was not that great on the OP-1 and this looks so much worse. Why is the OP-Z so small? Did anybody ever think “if the OP-1 was only smaller”?

If the screen-functionality is really iOS-only, this might be the first TE-product that I won’t buy :-).


It’s kind of… interesting. More like an OP-1 with a step/pattern sequencer and no screen (well, no built-in screen) than I thought it was going to be. At the right price I might still pick one up. I think TE are super clever and very thoughtful about the things they make.


TE rules.

I think I could learn the UX rather quickly.
I especially like the changing of the key of the song. Amazing.

Sounds good. I’ll hide some money for September.


It’s like a beefed up version of the chord changing on the PO-20. Really fun.


I would love it to be <400€
Would be insane. And spread like crazy :smile:


Teenage Engineering does not provoke me any emotion, no envy, no interest … nevertheless I have watched all the videos, I have friends who have some TE devices … there is nothing to do I am not at all a customer for them. And I do not enjoy their design, i love their packaging thought.


Spend half an hour with a PO-32. Hit me if you’re not hooked :smile:


Actually that’s the only one piece of TE i consider but as the special discount on PO-32 + Microtonic is not available anymore I drop until they put it again in store


I remember seeing Op1 before it was released and thinking ‘wow’. And I eventually buckled and bought one and love it. I don’t really ‘get’ the rest of their stuff tho. The idea of making music with those little TV remote buttons just doesn’t appeal at all.

Edit - I can see it’s charms in spite of it not being something I’d dig personally tho. Great size/Functions ratio.