Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Ok, thanks.


The op-z features 4 drum tracks and 4 synth tracks. Each track can hold 10 plugs. So there are 40 drum plugs (12 secs each) and 40 synths plugs (6 secs each). In total, the samples should not take up more than 32mb though, if I remember correctly.


Dat sampling update, tho…

Still kinda want to throw an SP404SX in the mix to spice things up a bit and for added dirt and texture (and reverb).


Here’s the copy of the manual that’s on the internet, but cropped to zoom in on the actual pages, edited the PDF’s table of contents for brevity, and compressed to be a smaller file.

TeenageEngineering-OP-Z.pdf (1.4 MB)


Is anyone else having trouble muting a midi track using the instructions in the guide? Is there a known bug around that by chance?


The soundcard in/out with an ipad/iphone for sampling and recording is fantastic.


Just got my Zed, and the green and blue encoders won’t stay down. It’s as though the magnets are backwards. Did I get a dud?


Yes, return it for sure.


Really digging the audio interface. It sounds great and makes it super easy to get audio into the DAW…a quick sketch from this evening :slight_smile:


Digging the track!!! I just bought the oplab module and I gotta say it’s banging cv sequencer!!! P locking cv is loads of fun! OP-Z has an insane amount of tricks up its sleeve.


How does that oplab module impact battery life?


Doesn’t seem any different really.


I returned my OP-Z 2 times before I got normal sticking encoders. The 3rd I receive was giving me unwanted double trigs on some keys. So I returned that one too, and ask for a refund. No OP-Z for me anymore.


Exact same story here…
I won’t get a 4. One… I really want to love this thing, but man… I think I’ll have to get a Digitakt…


The horror stories about shitty build quality popping here and there make me dread the day I’ll have to send it back.



In general, do those quality control issues develop over time, or do people have them right out of the box (or soon after)? I’m asking because I’d like to know when I’ve reached safe harbor.


The unwanted double triggering does happen over time, can last months before it happens.


crap. I had to import mine. Returning it for exchange or refund would be an expensive pain.


Use it like you would use it without knowing about these issues. You bought it to be creative with it so be creative with it.

Deal with problems as soon as they come up but not beforehand.

I mean if you weren’t in a forum like this you wouldn’t even know that there are these issues and maybe it puts things a little bit out of perspective as we don’t know how many units are out there without issues.