Teenage Engineering OP-Z


It turns on the mic on your headset if you want to sample from there. Thinking of getting a headphone/mic splitter so I can try sampling from a line out.


I assume its just the stereo out not the individual tracks?


Only a 2 channel interface so not the individual tracks.


I’ve been passingly interested in the OP-Z since it’s release but never took the plunge. I just received a promo code to get the OP-Z new for $449 USD, and now I am tempted. I’m well-versed in the Elektron workflow, but couldn’t stand the pocket operators. Will I find the OP-Z equally unintuitive or should I take the chance and explore a new way of working?


I find it much more ‘natural’ to use than my PO33 … does take a little learning though; the UI without a GUI is very quick to sink into your brain with a few days practice.
New sampling functionality is already becoming easy to remember - it is nice to use an iOS device screen to build your mental map as you learn though.
Once you’ve grown comfortable, it is very freeing to use a device with no screen at all: you focus more on the sound than the (lack of) display.


Just to clear this up… the OP-Z will never replace the Digitakt as a sampler. Even the single cycle waveforms on the DT sound better and have more flexibility than the OP-Z, albeit there is no polyphony. I have both and love both but the DT is almost a perfect machine. AND your encoders aren’t just gonna magically fall out- just sayin.


Hey there, I have the DT, DN, OP-1 and the Organelle. Is there any benefit of adding the OP-Z into it? The sequencer seems to be the very powerful…


Short: Huge Benefit

Long: You could for example sequence your DT, DN, OP-1 and the Organelle at the same time with the OP-Z and still have the 4 internal audio plus 4 internal synth tracks.
Plus a Mastertrack, a Tape Effects Track and an Performance Track.

And you would have a musical sketchpad with the ability to create full songs (if you want to) to take with you. That’s something you can not achive with the rest of your setup.


Damn :smiley:
GAS activated.


Well I haven’t even mentioned that it’s a sampler since last monday too :grinning:

Try the OP-Z. You’ll love it!


So how I’m gonna sequence everything with the OP-Z? I would need to split the midi signal right?


Edit imported Samples in the OP-Z?

Can I do that?

I tried it and did not find a way to access the sample edit menu…

Only if I sample in the OP-Z I can alter the start / loop point and other features.

Is this how sample editing should work?

I had the idea to upload some samples into the OP-Z and then do some adjusting to the sample… Setting a Loop for a single cycle for example…

Please enlighten me on what works and what not :slight_smile:




i use op-z into OT every week at my open mic. …had this set up for a few months now.

they are great together.

anything into OT, though, is pretty great.


all of these tracks are DOPE!!


Thank you!!


Do you connect them via usb and use the op-z as master clock?


Honestly, I have the tech to connect ‘em and simply don’t. I set the bpms the same and push play on the two at the same time.

Sometimes when resampling the ‘z the timing will get weird if I’m messing with the rate and or pitch a bunch on OT, so I’ll just stop the ‘z and start it again in time with the resample on the OT


How much total sample time on the OP-Z?


12 secs (drum sampler)
6 secs (synth sampler)