Teenage Engineering OP-Z

lovely :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here’s how to use your OP-Z to create your own accompanying light show :sunglasses:

How to control DMX lights with your OP-Z multimedia synth/sequencer

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I had to do this Cure song on my OP-Z. :slight_smile:


just wanted to share. Did you guys know the OP-Z recognizes USB hubs ? in this setup the Digitakt is sending clock to the OP-Z, but not only: The controller does not just work to play the op-z but also the digitakt. OP-z acts almost as a usb midi/host adapter



The OP-Z is a midi host!

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quick question, can I use the synth sampler to play a sample polyphonically on a chord track?

on instrument tracks you can play your recorded sample chromatically.
on drumtracks your recorded sample is automatically sliced up across the keyboard

ok, but chromatically doesn’t necessarily mean polyphonically. can I play multiple notes at a time with one sample shot?

ah sorry. I didn’t read your post attentively…
I’m not sure actually. But I don’t think you can play it polyphonically. But somebody who knows better should answer :slight_smile:

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ok thank you, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Yes polyphony is possible on synth tracks with sample iirc 3 voices.


And four on the chord track.


ah, very cool. Didn’t use the sampler a lot yet. I wish you could save samples per project or even better - per pattern.
It’s strange that they are shared over all projects. Please correct me if I’m wrong again

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that was the hardest i’ve worked to find somebody on instagram. lol. …like, hmmm, how many underscores is that? but i found you.

i think you are correct. they’re universal

Thx but is this a joke?:thinking:
Just click on my name in the posting or ask!?:wink:

Btw this is my „personal“ account

and this is the one just for music. plain and simple.

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not a joke. i did it the hard way and grabbed my phone. i’m on here on my computer.

not sure why i always choose the hard way, but… here i am. =)

i may learn one day but I’m not gonna rush it.

Me trying a song sketch with photomatic for the first time. Always new things to learn on the OP-Z.

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nice one! did you recorded the vocals on the op-z or in logic? what drums did you used? I like them…

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Thank you so much. The drums are actually factory presets, but tweaked and adjusted. Vocals were recorded in Logic. I will try to use to OPZ mic next time.

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