Teenage Engineering OP-Z



With all this new scope to import and use samples, we badly need a iOS/Android project backup tool.


once you‘ve recorded the feedback between the mic and the speaker on OP-Z and start to play those recordings chromatically as a Synth, you‘re sold.

the Sampling quality, especially via USB is damn clear and punchy and absolute responsive over the whole range!

so the recorded feedback has a lot of dynamics


Just installed the new firmware and I’m blown away. Sampling is so simple.

Slicing screenless is… doable, but sloooooow. Moving the blue and green dots around for coarse slicing, and using the minidecks for finetuning would have been cool. Still… incredible.

On another note: some of my trigs are double / triple trigging and I’m pretty sure it wasnt the case before the update. F#ck.


There’s this… but it seems to be only for vintage synths.


Yeah I had this issue. I sent it in for repair with the store I got it from, and got a new unit in the end.

I think the issue is that:

  • The trig buttons have way more resistance than Elektron trigs / OP-1 keys, so you need to press with a decent amount of force, especially playing chords etc
  • The plastic body is slightly flexible
  • The rubber feet raise the body and allow it to flex downwards in the middle
  • Over time (I think) this ends up flexing the ribbon board which has the trig contacts, which makes them less reliable.

I definitely noticed mine was getting more double trigs on buttons in the middle of the unit where it flexes the most.


Can you add an extra pair of rubber feet in the middle to prevent flexing when pressing the buttons?


Yeah I reckon it could help – good suggestion.


Cool. I asked about it because if I buy one, I’ll have to import it, and returning it for exchange or repair will be expensive and a real pain.


Could be worth having a read through this thread if you’re concerned:

I had one of the original units with the misprinted trig icons. Hopefully the newer batches are a bit more sturdy. I haven’t really used my new unit a whole lot, but haven’t had any issues so far.


I have a Google pixel phone so sampling usbc to usbc is very easy for me and works/sounds great


Same here. At first I didn’t get audio from YouTube but I did the old unplug and try again trick and it worked great. Quality is fantastic and it feels so futuristic to be able to connect my phone and op-z with one little cable for flawless plug and play audio with sampling.


That‘s really much more i expected and hoped for the sampler-update. I guess it makes my Zoom Recorder obsolet and my mobile setup smaller, lighter and much more effective than before.

I can sample from all different apps to the op-z and from there back to my iPhone to record or use different apps again. All with a single cable and an iPhone I already have with me all the time anyway.


Will audio in/out work with Apple’s own Lightning to USB C cable, or is it only good for charging phones?


Can’t verify but I use the camera connector cable (lightning to usb) and that works fantastic.


I answered this before realising you said “Lightning to USB C cable” rather than just USB C haha

I shall try my MBP cable with my One Plus phone just now…

Yes it worked! I had to turn on the One Plus’ “OTG” mode (whatever that is) but I sampled one of my own crappy songs straight into the OPZ.

Will leave up though as another example of recording direct from a phone into the device. All surprisingly easy and sounding very good


Can it send audio out over USB? A few comments above seem to suggest you can record onto an iPhone with it?

I really hope they add resampling to it at some point. That would make it incredibly useful.


Yes you can send audio out over USB.


There is a Android app, called OP-Utility. You can make a backups, restoring is work in progress.


So can anyone clarify what is this new functionality?
“toggle headset input with SCREEN + SHIFT”