Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Really sad to hear this thing is not made to last. So many exciting ideas inside :cry:

So many years spent developing this little box of wonder, all ruined by poor quality control. Sad indeed.

And don’t start me on the users reporting op-z so warped that the oplab doesn’t even fit inside…

Way to ruin an otherwise magnificent box.

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Yeah, I think I’m getting to the end of my time with it. The double triggering is quite a hindrance to making decent patterns; it’s all well and good to embrace happy accidents and super destructive pattern changes, but when it sometimes doesn’t even let me hold shift in order to add step components, it kinda negates the whole “super amazing sequencer” concept.

Yikes, I hope this doesn’t happen to mine. Maybe it’s already happening. I haven’t used it in a little bit now…

That’s my big worry with mine. I haven’t been using it much over the past 3 or 4 months so looking at it thinking “shite, what if this one is a “dodgy” build and will pack in soon”.

First world problems and all that I guess and I shouldn’t let it stop me from playing with it (when I do get my act together and start playing with it again that is).

First world problem indeed but still, if it fails outside of warranty, that’s close to 600 dollars that you’ll never see again.

Some users are starting to fuckin’ glue their encoders because they pop outside too much, for God’s sake…

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that sounds terrible.
I really love mine, and the buttons seem ok so far. It crashes or freezes from time to time though.
I‘m still in the 30 days money back period. These user reports start to worry me, this thing is quite expensive
Quite a pity. The sequencer design is pretty genius

Well, I get the OP-1 as unit. Standalone, and a lot of fun (I owned one, and sold it later, because Elektron… - I seriously reconsider it…)

But the OP-Z - how is it in about 10 years? Will it work? Or not? It depends on external handheld units that could change too much so the OP-Z could become faster obsolete than I can imagine I guess.
Am I wrong?

If the hardware doesn’t fail, it will work in 10 years. The OP-Z doesn’t depend on external handheld units. The screen of an IOS device is helpful to learn the ins and outs of the machine, but I find it really a lot more fun without one due to the ingenious UI design. Others here have shared that sentiment.


I kinda felt this way about the OP1 as well. Sooner or later it was gonna die and leave me out of pocket.

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it’s so much fun, I didn’t download the app at all

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Oh, that’s something I didn’t know, that is why I asked.
Thank you for your clarification about the I don’t need an ios app to seriousely use the op-z.

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1.2.8 firmware is up.

  • fixed bug that would cause files to dissapear/get corrupted

  • detect microphone signal from splitter adapters

  • new input selection functionality (beta). read about it here.

  • new audio interface monitor mode

  • fix broken incoming program change handling

  • add cc for changing/switching to next/prev pattern. read about it here.

  • make microphone mode work when usb audio is active

  • allow octave shifting on all tracks

  • fix drone notes to work properly with legato


I’m relieved that they didn’t add more synth engines because i recently sold mine.


After 6 months of use, I sold mine.

To me personally the functionality isn’t worth 600 Euros. Synth engines and effects dont sound pleasing to my ears, sweetspots are hard to find but possible. Sampling was cool though. The sequencer is great for a portable device but I dont need a portable sequencer since most of my gear isnt portable anyway and some of them have sequencers on their own that are much better anyway (DT and DN).

But my biggest gripe was the haptic feel. It just doesnt feel right. Everything feels flimsy. The power-“button” is just waiting to be broken. The backplate gets lose over time and you need to tighten it all the time. The buttons feel mushy and are prone to doubletapping. All in all, very disappointing for a 600 euro device.


I love the workflow and sequencer. Features are awesome.
Synths sound very usable to me. The delay as well. Have my problems with the reverb.

mine too… I’m really worried how long this thing will last. It’s a pity. People always wrote how well build the OP1 is. I expected the OP-Z to be the same quality

I don’t have a lot of complaints about the feel of the unit, except for the little rubber screws that keep the backplate attached. They don’t really prevent the op-z from sliding around on a table, neither do they keep the backplate from rattling. I even tried to tighten the metal screws that keep them in place, but all to no avail. I put some moderately firm furniture slide-stoppers on the back and the unit is now much more comfy to operate on a table:

They new updates have been gamechangers. Being able to just connect my android phone via USB and capture jams from the op-z as audio files is very convenient and fun!


Has anyone had any luck linking their OP-Z to A4 via USB? I’ve seen videos of folks doing this for DT/DN but not A4 and I can’t tell if it’s an issue with the A4, my settings (I’m sure they’re right…) or something else.

I think DN/DT is pretty much plug and play once you have the Elektron’s set up for transport/clock receive and USB input. Is there an issue with the “older” USB of the A4 Mk1? No big deal but thought I’d ask rather than spend hours trying to work it out!

A4 works the same, the issue comes when “overbridge mode” is enabled. if thats on then it wont work. it’s the same with DN/DT. Make sure you ahve overbridge mode turned off and try again.