Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Headphones/wired speaker definitely helps. Been mucking about wth the microphone this afternoon when I’m supposed to be working and it does a nice enough job


I can’t get it to see an input on the mic/headphone jack. It works with iPhone earpods, but not with a straight 3.5mm jack input.


Ehm… Isn’t that what the preview input switch aka monitoring (play button) should be used for?


Does the 2 channel audio interface mean that it supports stereo samples, or does it sum to mono?


Is there any mention of audio out via USB?


Not yet afaik but if audio goes in then audio goes out too. So i guess they save this for future update.


I just tried it. Works a treat.

Also sampled an omnisphere default c note into the synth engine. On my MBP the OPZ was detected and usable for in and out instantly


Just noticed you can sample from the iphone to the op-z but also send audio out back to the iphone.

So you can sample from the iphone, jam on the op-z and record it back to the iPhone (Garageband for example) or use your tunes in other apps or effects on the iPhone via the camera kit connection.

Just thinking about my zoom h4n pro. Is it obsolet now?..


I’m surprised how easy it is without an iPhone screen.


Possibility of importing raw drum samples is cool as well… Wonder how it works, couldnt find a word about it in the manual.


Same as OP-1 I think. Record all the hits together, then split them into samples.


Will try and report.

With this update, op-z really is turning more and more into MY dream machine: mini footprint, synthesis, sampling, deep sequencing, audio interface, less and less hassle to import your own samples…


It’s a huge update. I’m falling guilty of the “I want more” mentality here but I’m hoping there’s going to be some more work on the app and a few more synth engines but I’m starting to sound greedy.

I got mine £450 new at Christmas and it just seems like such great value for money.


they could have gone easier on this and no one would complain but this update is really a bomb!

the App is a really nice Interface to see what’s going on but handling the whole machine with all the shortcuts and led Feedback has been such a good move! especially because it’s no problem to add different colors to the Interface or a 5th page of settings etc.

solid ground


I was asking myself if with this update the OP-Z sets itself in front of the digitakt? Or is there any functionality which i´m missing that the digitakt is in lead?


Still love the chunky solid precision of the DT.
It’s just a different machine; hard to say one beats the other.

Someone should launch a Top Trumps card game for synths and samplers with scientific scoring as to which is better for Portability, Ergonomics, Sound Quality, Integration, Sequencing etc. That’ll sort out the box wars for once and for all :grinning:


You can go deeper in sample manipulation with a DT, I feel… and there are the beautiful fx and sound quality. But then, op-z gives you synthesis even if limited, tape, punch in fx, some really incredible step components… and now, sampling as well.

I’ll see how far I can go with the op-z, but in my perpetual quest for the most optimized footprint / fun / time available ratio, it’s a prime candidate for center piece




Any decent videos explaining how to use the new sampling features? This update is intriguing. Can the OP-Z do CV sequencing yet?


That would be amazing.