Teenage Engineering OP-Z

I got an OP-Z the other day (thanks, @craigpenman) and am absolutely loving it. It’s intuitive (best product UX I’ve had the joy of getting to grips in an age), the sounds are right up my street, and it’s battery powered!

I’ve not played with the sampling function yet but am looking forward to getting stuck in later.


Encountered a strange bug today. Was jamming without app, then connected app and suddenly the encoders began responding strangely, turning green would also effect blue etc… Had to power cycle and it’s working fine again. At first I was really worried about hardware fault, as there are a lot of stories about encoders popping out. But I have been unable to reproduce and what is strange is that I pretty routinely begin jamming without app and then connect while a sequence is running and have no issues at all. Anyone else had this happen ?

I get that sometimes. I think it’s just the magnets in the encoders pulling on each other. You can see them moving.

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Do you know if it can do MS-20 CV?

If the Digitakt is a toy, what qualifies as professional for goodness sake? DT is built like a tank, has a gigantic amount of flexibility and functionality especially considering the size, uses top quality components + full size connections, and is designed for use in studio and on stage. It’s a professional instrument by any measure in my opinion.


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Don’t Panic! Python’s post is ironic.


Yes, my comment wasn’t too serious.
But still, I think what makes instruments ‘professional’ is what you do with them or how you approach them. Toys are good fun and you get the urge to play with them. This I feel for the op-z, the DT and also the OT. And fun often leads to good ideas.
If you want to use toys professionally, that’s entirely up to the user (or rather the audience, if they want to see you play or buy your music).

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Sure, I see your meaning. All synths are toys!

I consider all my gear to be toys as I rarely get paid for music. Toys are things you use to have fun - what’s wrong with a little fun? I’m not a TE fanboy but I do like the playful aspect of their products.

Last time I got paid to play was $15 or something when I was a violist with a church orchestra, at an event hosted by a sister church, which was years ago. The previous time was a few years before that, our band at the time was paid like $37 for our show - we spent it all on beers and a snack plate at the bar later.


(Probably obvious to people already but…) happy to find that my USB-Midi cable works with the OP-Z - just add a USB C adapter and now I have DIN MIDI IO!


Yes, super easy to sync it with a DT or DN this way :+1:

Actually a mere USB C cable from the OPZ works into the DT, no need for USB-DIN Midi cable.

++ adding a usb hub (a powered one) you can connect usb+din midi devices, right?

Whoops, you’re right. I was reading a bit too fast :sweat_smile:

A new software update to the iOS app fixes the missing sample/synth names, and also the missing sample waveforms.

The delay can be sequenced, adjusted with the buttons rows and also p-locked with motion seqs.

Can we MAKE a 3d printed “FINGER” attachment to gently Hold Shift? A soft click latch?!


I love to play the black keys, and white keys, while holding shift. But I’ve noticed that after a few bars playing evolutions with multiple keys, my pinky begins to really mash on the shift key! And as delicate as Zeta is, she cannot handle such abuse for long.
I’ve found myself in a Very tasteful playstyle where I’ll be using up to seven of my fingers to elucidate some impressive and moving eloquence within my projects. Even boring patterns have so much life and pleasure. Definitely no placid toy sound in this realm!

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Well, not WE, pearse. I don’t have printer access nor the computational know how to make anything.

Uh oh, besides the double trigs, some of my trigs are beginning to fail and trig once out of three or four presses. Smells like my small friend is going back to the shop…