Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Yeah, there’s volume on the master track as well, that can boost things quite a bit. I have found the OP-Z is quiet in it’s default state, probably optimized for headphone usage.


I’ll try to boost the master volume in the mixer section, yeah… but I think I was already on the verge of clipping.

That’s one area where using it screenless is a bit of a pain : you never really know your levels.


Have you tried normalizing the samples once recorded to the octatrack?


I think the low gain is actually an OT issue. I have tried several OT’s and work in a synth shop and the input of all OT’s is low. To make up for it I usually reduce the volume of my samples and use the compressor to turn the whole mix up in the OT.


Well, after normalizing the track in my audio editor, result is not so bad. So, here is my first op-z track:

Hip hop with some glitchy madness here and there.


Looks like the Sampler update is due! The iOS app just updated. Release notes: Sample editor.



Edit: yep, it’s a complete sentence.


It’s now official. Guides been updated too.

Tried it out for a few minutes there and very nice! Just sampled some classic Scottish dialect (“yet maw”) and added some beats/synths and away I went.

Looks like you can sample digitally over usb too which is really nice


Fuck me - two channel audio interface?!


Really opens things up for me. Can’t wait to dig into this


Now, that’s what I call a f°ckin’ good update! :flushed:


I’m strongly considering letting go of my Digitone and getting an OP-Z instead… the portability; the battery power; the synths; the sampler! It seems like it’ll fit my ‘minimalist’ workflow with the ZOIA a whole lot better.

Keep the post and tunes coming, dudes!


While these are absolutely convincing features keep in mind that OP-Z seems to suffer from a not-so-rare issue with key double/triple trigs and key press instability.


Tried to sample directly from my iPhone via USB-C. It worked!
Connected the devices via the Apple Camera Lightning to USB-A Adapter and the OP-Z USB-A to USB-C Cable.

Perfect solution for my dawless, small and mobile Setup!

That’s OP-Z 2.0 if you ask me :raised_hands:


My dawless mobile Setup with OP-Z and Zoom H4N Pro just got a huge possibility boost.
Sampling is possible via usb from my iPhone (camera connection kit) so I can sample from youtube/spotify and different apps directly to the op-z and still don’t need a computer.


Wow, I did wonder if it’d work nicely with the Apple side of things. Will have to try wth the iPad at some point


I’m getting insane feedback from the build in speaker when try to sample from built in microphone. as a result it’s impossible to sample anything.
Is anyone know what am I missing?


Maybe obvious but: Have you turned the volume as low as possible?
If you turn it low as possible before “snapping” the knob to turn the op-z off it shouldn’t be audible so you should not get feedback.


that did help and I feel stupid now. however would be nice if speaker turn off automatically while sample. Always turning the volume knob is a bit cumbersome


Yes maybe using Headphones could be a solution too.