Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Dude, you killed it again. Amazing vibes in this one. So atmospheric and beautiful.

just OP-Z ?

Yep - produced entirely on my OP-Z.
Recorded directly into the iPhone.
Visuals are filmed with the iPhone too.

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Thanks man, means really a lot to me to hear that there‘re at least a few people out there who feel the vibe that i feel :raised_hands: :grinning:

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Where did you manage to buy a oplab? I’ve been on the mail list for months now

Anyone have any idea what other op-z modules might be in development? I’m hoping for an fx send module / channel out module… one module that does both? could be selectable for two stereo send / returns or 8 channel out (each stereo output carrying two channels.) Do you think this is something TE would be likely to produce? What other module ideas might be cool?

Direct from their site when first released. It was a few months ago.


Having trouble sending program change from OT to OPZ. Anyone doing this successfully?
Also, slow (60bpm) tempo from an external clock (OT) causing bpm glitches. Sounds terrible. Any others seeing the same?

OP-Z only again.

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Anyone using the OPZ oplab with semi-modular synths? How is it? Considering it as an option for sending extra modulation to a Grandmother or MS20.

Works as advertised. Pitch, gate and two encoders for modulation.

OP-Z is a toy compared to Octatrack and the Digitakt in my opinion. I have all 3

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I have all 3 too and disagree. I think they’re all equally sophisticated and capable of incredible results and songs!


I also have to disagree. All 3 are toys. Really nice toys that can do a lot of cool stuff. I also have all 3.


Sigh :pensive:


„If you can‘t do music with a stick and a stone you can‘t do music at all.“


Sorry, the Octatrack and the Digitakt are just that good. OP-Z is awesome too, I just like my Elektron gear more.

I have to say, I prefer sampling and chopping in the OP-Z now.

The Octatrack is way more powerful, but it takes so long to set everything up, and then you’ve forgotten what you were going to do.

The OP-Z is really immediate, and I find I spend more time making music, and less time programming the box.


I got an OP-Z the other day (thanks, @craigpenman) and am absolutely loving it. It’s intuitive (best product UX I’ve had the joy of getting to grips in an age), the sounds are right up my street, and it’s battery powered!

I’ve not played with the sampling function yet but am looking forward to getting stuck in later.


Encountered a strange bug today. Was jamming without app, then connected app and suddenly the encoders began responding strangely, turning green would also effect blue etc… Had to power cycle and it’s working fine again. At first I was really worried about hardware fault, as there are a lot of stories about encoders popping out. But I have been unable to reproduce and what is strange is that I pretty routinely begin jamming without app and then connect while a sequence is running and have no issues at all. Anyone else had this happen ?