Teenage Engineering OP-Z

the OP-Z has become the main sequencer in my set up because it makes no hassle recording midi inputs as they should recall while playing back, velocity values and such, cc sweeps all captured!

at the end you can‘t control a unit less than Op-Z which is sometimes just pressing two buttons with two fingers, no thinking no disturbing menus full concentration on music.

like pre historic men used to hunt

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Whoa - you got me thinking. This would be a really awesome module. From the module track you could have the 4 input tracks correspond to the 4 encoders, paging through various parameters. Or, alternately, you could have up to 4 parameters to control for each input pair. Anyway, this is a cool idea.

Went and cracked and picked up an OP-Z yesterday. I’d already watched enough videos that I had a decent head start on using it, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. It’s clearly designed to have a very wide sweet spot, which might falter a little when I start putting my own samples in, but the sequencer is epic - I went all-in and created a one-track, single step sequence, and ten minutes later the three spark types and various components had turned that into an evolving melodic patch.

Being able to stack the three sparks is what takes this beyond the already expansive Elektron realm - and the immediacy of the sound pool is also important, compensating for the lack of depth in editing.

I’ve just ordered a USB cable to hook it up to the Digis / OT etc., for what I fully anticipate will be an epic combo. In particular I reckon combining the sparks on the OP-Z with conditional live sampling on the OT should keep me busy for a while (or the OP-Z tape with live sampling - possibilities at every turn).


Everyone I hear talking about the OP-Z praises its sequencer…Anyone would care to explain me what makes it stand against concurrence please ? Thanks a lot.

Two words: Step components


Thanks for the link ! A bit abstract just reading the list but I guess it gives an idea.

What do the spark components do ?

The manual states this : step components can be applied to any of the audio tracks.

Does this mean that step components cannot be used to sequence external gear ?

Thanks a lot.

Kinda. You can sacrifice one of the audio tracks though and use it to sequence external MIDI.

If you’re interested in further information about step components, Cuckoo’s video on them is very informative!

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Ok thanks I’ll check @cuckoomusic 's and one more time “be happy again” ™ ! :smile:

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This Video is one of a big series of OP-Z tutorials. Every Step component has its own 2-3min video. They are really great.

I kind of dont like the internal synth engines, so i dont care loosing a Synth track for a midi track. I can sequence 4 “real” Synth’s while using the 4 Drum tracks of the OP-Z to play my own samples. for me the OP-Z is a perfect “live performance” sequencer. Its like a happy little accidents machine.


New OP-Z (with meager 1 track overdubs on tracks 1 & 2) :blush:


Dammit, I have so much fun with my Op-z that I have barely touched my freshly bought OT. Can’t wait for the sampling update!

You gotta get up on the Octatrack! Sample the OP-Z in and go to town.

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I just listened to your new EP a cpl of days ago. Super epic and even though the sound sources is not OP-Z (I think?) I could instantly hear some cool things that I’ve come to consider being OP-Z sequencer sounds. Like fast octave shifts and the likes. Super job on the EP it’s really dope!


Thank you sir!! Most of it is OPZ sounds or samples loaded into it. The only exceptions are the track 1 vocal sample, which by way of shortening OP-1 tape length to 0, becomes the big washy background synth/air raid siren and track 2 plucky morphing synth sound courtesy of uPlaits :blush:

Currently using my OT mk1 as a recorder for my Op-z sessions, and… did I messed up my gain structure or has the Op-z a really low output? Even with Op-z at max volume + DIR at 127 + gain at 20, the LED are barely flicking orange and the recorded .wav is super low volume…

Same here with my OT MK2, OP-Z has a very low volume output.

My OP-Z seems plenty loud. I totally dislike how it will go from not audible to full volume with a tiny twist though. I think TE could do a way better job with that.


There are several volume controls other than the yellow knob. Maybe you turned it down too low in software?

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Yeah, there’s volume on the master track as well, that can boost things quite a bit. I have found the OP-Z is quiet in it’s default state, probably optimized for headphone usage.

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I’ll try to boost the master volume in the mixer section, yeah… but I think I was already on the verge of clipping.

That’s one area where using it screenless is a bit of a pain : you never really know your levels.