Teenage Engineering OP-Z




Waiting on that CV module now… feels very close to release. Possibly next week?


Got the Z for threw weeks now and I am very impressed with that small device, had not thought that… :), will show a track of mine soon™ :wink:


can you go hardtek/breakcore or good old techno with this thing?
I feel like every thing i have heard from the Op-z is so cheesy, melodic (videogamish)!


there was a good dirty techno clip someone on here posted where they slammed the limiter. it peaked my interest.

ah I found it, not techno as I’d previously thought but nice n crunchy.
with some saturation & step components there’s lots of potential I fink.


Those are nice crunchy harmonics…
I made recently some groovy less melodic track

I think the cv module is about to release too


sounds nice, has some ancient methods vibe to it. But I’ll just wait till it’s bugfree and everything works then search for one cheap 2hand. They already pop up from time to time for around 500 euros.

  • allow programming steps with external controller
  • support velocity on arpeggiator track
  • change step length setting 9x to be 16x long
  • add full octave range to drum tracks
  • pass incoming midi start/continue/stop to other ports
  • improved stability
  • copy step now works on all tracks
  • change default tape volume and reverb parameter 2
  • fix noisy resampling in synth sampler
  • keep sending audio to fx1/fx2 if audio muted
  • improve midi continue behaviour (works better with OP-1)
  • change maximum recording note length based on step length
  • show pattern position from solo mute context (same as pattern context)
  • properly reset parameters after releasing shift (temporary tweak mode)
  • “enable_program_change” setting now saved between reboots
  • don’t play trigger driven tracks when muted
  • gate trigger step component trigger on entering step instead of exiting
  • fix hanging notes from linked tracks when pressing shift before releasing note
  • fix hanging punch in notes when releasing shift before releasing note
  • remove track clear wipe animation

Good update! Glad the noisy resampling in the sampler has been sorted, going to use samples a lot more now. Probably should be an option in the config file for those that liked how it sounded before though.

It’s great that the octave can be changed on the drum tracks now too, makes them a lot more useful for midi sequencing.

Also, not in the release notes, but just realised that the tape track plays in stereo now which is cool… I’m sure it was in mono last time I checked.


Yeah I hope they add an option for it, but I doubt they will :frowning: I really like the extra harmonics that non-interpolated samples create, even if they’re not always tonal.

I wish it could be turned off for the drum samples actually, sometimes I pitch samples up an octave to then pitch down on the OP-Z to get a bit more space, and it just leaves them sounding muffled.


Can one actually resample on the OP-Z? Or is this referring to the aliasing that occurs when the OP-Z repitches chromatic samples?


It is talking of the repitching in the synth samples. You can resample using the bounce function, and of course the tape track is a sample buffer, but those were not affected by the aliasing.


Can you load bounces into Drum or Synth sample slots right away though? Just trying to see if I missed anything.


It is more for taking a short snapshot, although I suppose it could be trimmed to 12 seconds and loaded into drumkit sample slot, but you would have to do it on computer.


The world really needs a super compact active (9v battery) y cable mixer to marry the op-1 and op-z together, with a line/headphone switch - given that their midi sync now seems bedded down.

Surely could be done in weetabix sized case!


I figured, just confirming. One day we will have a proper sampling module… I hope…


That’s the Oplab module up on their site. £139…



I’m super stoked for this. The OP-Z would be perfect for playing melodies on my new Peak.


Including shipping and tax it comes in at €170,-. Actually, I’m kind of surprised you don’t have to order the Midi breakout cable separately (as long as you only need one, that is).


i didn’t notice until i checked out that one was included. Then I thought… hmm i probably need another for both midi in/out over din :slight_smile:


This thread is hella long. What’s the general consensus on the OP-Z at the moment as a standalone synth? Is it just a fun toy or is there some longevity under those tiny buttons?

(GAS’ing presently. Need some closure!)