Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Wow… that’s rather cool!



Even cooler you can change step count and step length over midi cc so I can easily have something like a Faderfox uc 4 and just change step count on the fly from the controller.

Honestly there is so much in the depths of this little wonder machine.


Have you checked out the new probability pack for max4live? It’s free for live 10 suite. It has some pretty cool probability based step divider, random arp and neural network midi effects. Fun starts when you chain them up with each other. :thup:


Seconded for wanting to hear it sequence the MD. That was one of the coolest vids I’ve seen for OP-Z and I like the name too. Lol.

I had a lot of gear lust for this thing before it was released but it seems like most of the stuff I’ve heard is very “chiptune”, which is definitely not my thing. Is that where it’s strength lies, or can it do other stuff equally well?


I’m not sure which demos you’ve heard, but it is a very diverse machine. It only sounds “chippy” if you don’t do anything to shape the raw synth sounds, but the same can be said about any subtractive synth really.


That’s good to know. Maybe it’s just the particular videos I’ve seen.


I think the synth engines is its wealest part, with that said there are some great sounds in it. The drum samples hit hard. I can get some really nice bass tones out of it. And I love the factory chord track, it just has a certain sound quality.

I was not impressed with the sound at first. But then I put it through a strymon Deco and so 404 vinyl sim and I’m kinda loving the wobbly lofi quality that it adds. So saturation is a great thing to add to the OP-Z

Also, if I don’t like the synth engines I can just sequence my other stuff with it, since stuff like punch in effects (some of them atleast) sends midi data.


Thanks for the info. I’m not sure what you ran it through in that video, but the saturation sounded really nice. It seems like the sequencer is really one of its strongest features. I’m looking forward to hearing how people use it for outboard gear, as none of the synth engines I’ve heard so far have jumped out at me, again though, perhaps I just haven’t heard enough stuff


So I had a go at sequencing MD and Digitone with OP-Z. Midi still has some issues on the OP-Z which TE needs to sort out. Mostly the fact that it won’t work as a usb host for some devices.

Since I don’t have a fancy Rk-005 or Kenton usb host I used my iPhone as a intermittent connection, connecting OP-Z and Digitone via the app MidiFire.
MD was connected to Digitone via regular midi din.

MIDI Routing:

Op-Z usb midi - Digitone midi in - Digitone midi out - Machinedrum midi in.

Op- Z track 1 = Digitone midi track 1 = Machinedrum

Op- Z track 2 = Digitone midi track 2 = Machinedrum

Op- Z track 3 = Digitone midi track 3 = Machinedrum

Op- Z track 4 = Digitone midi track 4 = Machinedrum

Op- Z track 5 = Digitone track 1

Op- Z track 6 = Digitone track 2

Op- Z track 7 = Digitone track 3

Op- Z track 8 = Digitone track 4

Digitone and Machinedrum are processed by strymon Deco and Sp404 Vinyl Sim on a fx send


@MichaalHell, these vids are great!


Thanks man, I’m hoping they give some insight into this mystical device.


great stuff @MichaalHell


Very nice, sweet set up


wicked :slight_smile:
am I right in thinking it’s not possible to use step components on midi tracks as of yet?


No it’s possible, not just all of them. Same with punch in effects.

That whole sequence is just one note on each synth track with the random step component set.

Basically everything that is transferable via midi note data pitch, velocity etc. is transmitted via step components and punch in effects. The other parts such as filter sweep, portamento etc. is also transferable via midi cc. But since it is midi cc it will effect every synth differently ( depending on the midi implementation of that synth).

The problem with midi cc and punch in effects is that changes the sound, but it doesn’t change it back to its original cc value. I’m guessing that is because the OP-Z doesn’t know the value.

Even with this set back it is really really awesome!

I dabbled in cross sequencing between the OP-Z and Digitone as well, but did not get it to work properly. My plan was to sequence the Digitone 4 track with op-z and have Digitone sequence the OP-Z master transpose track. In addition changing the time scale on the Digitone so I could easily coax out 32 bars from the OP-Z, by changing the master transpose track from Digitone. However I didn’t get it to work. Maybe ina. Future update it will work.


ah I didn’t know that was a single note with step C’s. that’s cool.

great news.

Thanks for the vid :sunglasses:


op-z sequencer + aparillo vst

really fun!!! :wink:


I impulsively ordered an OP-Z. It arrives in 2 days :mage:


Maybe, each port could be stereo or dual mono on trs jacks along with split cables.

Would be nice.


New OS just dropped: https://teenage.engineering/downloads/op-z