Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Personally I love it. Sequencer is amazing. Plus I can hang out where ever and sequence it and iPhone apps.


It’s really great. So easy to use, and yet crazy powerful. Today I loaded my own samples for the first time, recorded from the Moog Model 15 on iPad. It sounds incredible.

As for the new CV module, it’s neat for sure, but you can use a Keystep to do much the same thing, and you get a free keyboard built in!


it’s just the ultimate miracle machine. everything is thought through so well. best sequencer, great sound, logical, fun, powerful, lights, videolab, the portability…
nothing compares


Mapped the CC, of the Digitone to correspond with the internal synth engines on the OP-Z and now I can use punch in effects on my Digitone.

Killer small footprint set up


Why did I watch that? I had successfully minimized the OP-Z gas. Every now and then, I think about how it could be very complementary to the Digitone.


Honestly they’re BFF’s…


I think the OP-Z is so small that I’m basically wondering why I shouldn’t just use the sequencing/synthesizing apps on my iPad/iPhone instead. It’s not like the “hands-on” part of the OP-Z are that hands-on really - more like, fingertips-on.

Of course there’s only one way to find: and that is to buy one and try it out :slight_smile:


I still think that there is great difference in interacting with a screen vs. actual button and encoders.

As an example the encoders on the OP-Z are an engineering master piece. Such smooth action.


Wait what? :o This is possible? Freaking dope! I’ll have to try that myself. Thanks for sharing!
Cool beats btw.




How is the op-z without using a screen?

Can you navigate all the synth parameters comfortably without hooking it up to an iOS device?


you totally can. The little lights under the encoders all change based on what synth parameter you’re adjusting. It’s just a matter of remembering what colour LED goes with what sets of parameters.

I was skeptical about non-screen usage of the op-z initially, but after a few weeks with it i don’t really need the screen.


Most seem to have no issue without a screen.
At first without screen (I didnt have any ios devices) I felt it was a design flaw, but when used with an ios device you end up with a larger screen than any other groovebox out there. now I love it since I got it a iPad.
I guess that was kinda what they were goin for. they’d never have been able to justify putting such a big screen in it so it makes sense. and then u can use it without if u want too.


I consider the optional iOS screen a kind of manual. It’s great to start out with to get the hang of things, but once you have the button combos down, it’s oh so refreshing to jam without looking at a screen.


I have never needed a screen personally


I really like using it without a screen. I wish more devices had color coded menu pages.


Cheers all, good to know. Otherwise would be a PITA :cheeky:


The LEDs under the encoders also increase and decrease in brightness as the parameter value changes, and flashes green when you hit the centre, so you can tell what value it is currently set to.

I used it with the screen a few times to figure out things like LFO shape, but I prefer using it without know. Like someone else said, its basically like a manual.

The video stuff is cool, but not something you really need whilst making tunes on it.


I’ve barely used the app, of course you need to have the manual nearby until you learn every menu, but once you do it the led indicator system is one of the best designed user interfaces I’ve ever seen - and part of my job actually involves UX design, so I’ve seen some excellent stuff over the years (I’d rather not mention the terrible things I’ve seen, though).

The modules have started to ship today, by the way!


The app, while cool enough, kind of reminded me of why I didn’t get on with the OP1 and iOS app. It’s a bit of a distraction that distracted me away from using my ears when building patterns and jamming.

It’s a very useful “manual” to get your head around how some things work from the device but I’ve been surprised by how little I ended up using the app.

I suspect there will be big changes/developments with the app over time as updates roll out though.