Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Cool. I’d be interested in using the OP-Z to sequence my MnM and MD.
I’m hoping that I can just plug the op-z’s usb into my Kenton Midi usb host then connect to the MnM using a standard midi cable.


Should work I guess. Kenton host is quite reliable and the Op-Z delivers mostly :smile:


What about this so-called “dual domain synthesis”? Did they abandon that or am I not understanding something? I thought it’d be possible to have the audio play through the paired iOS device, so I could have it connected to speakers while free to use the op-z cable-free…


It’s not a thing (yet?) :slight_smile:


Also wondering if anyone’s tried any USB-C hubs with it; I have one for my recent macbook pro that has a few USB-A ports on it… might give it a try tomorrow with the nanoloop USB adaptor.

Ah gotcha. I didn’t realise the mode where you hold the screen button while powering up isn’t disk mode.


I recommend watching this for anyone feeling constrained by the 16 beat patterns…its a paradigm shift realy!


man I wish this thing was just the sequencer, without the synth/sampler engines, slightly larger and with proper MIDI outputs…


Well, proper midi outputs are coming very soon (there are pictures of the unit if you scroll up, even 4CV outputs) and bigger would make it not fit in my inside pocket- but you can use any controller to control it using cc :wink:


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Gotta say, step components are very solid competition for Elektron’s trig conditions… different implementations of course, but the OP-Z sequencer is very deep!


@SIM80 -“And the pattern switching is like direct jump in Elektron terms.“

I just recently seen a video of them talking about this. Where you could switch patterns regardless of where you’re at in the sequence.

Is there an option to set this function off so the pattern plays out before switching?
I’m sure there is but want to make sure.


Cheers, I didn’t know about the expansion modules.


I think I saw someone say you can press PLAY (edit: oops!) to trigger the change at the end of the pattern.


Shift and pattern is copy so be careful if experimenting with button combos.


Hold project and pressing play puts it into chain mode where you can queue the next pattern rather than direct jump. When the new pattern starts it will exit chain mode


I like how when stopped you can hold a trig and it will play that trig back looped so you can adjust parameters just for that step. This is great for drum samples that you’re trying to set them chromatically.

Does anyone know what the jump > align to global and gate step actually do?

Btw it looks like these are in stock at the MOMA store right now. I’ve never ordered from them so not sure how dependable they are.


Black friday : -10 % on op-z @ sonovente.com !
Just ordered one for 539 Euros including taxes


They’re in stock at B&H. I ordered one. :slight_smile:


Pushed the internal limiter a bit:


Now that’s a demo! Amazing what can be done with the op-z. Nice work