Teenage Engineering OP-Z


“it’s here. the OP–Z bundle.” was the subject line in the email. But this is for real and links directly to their online store.


Oh jeez the grey one looks way cooler than the yellow one!!


There’s no special pricing on this ‘bundle’ and since I’ve already pre-ordered with Sweetwater, I’m just going to continue to chill and wait for them to get more in stock. The last estimate I had was “the end of November”, so I reckon an OP-Z will be eventually be on its way. I like dealing with retailers when it comes to things like returns and such rather than (if necessary) having to ship back to Sweden.

I like both the yellow and the grey but I think I’d prefer something perhaps home made that wasn’t made of PVC.


I think I like the grey a bit more. Yellow is kinda too bright for my taste, even if it is palatable. Also PVC is ok with me! Certainly will be durable.


Turns out the email was NOT a lie. It indeed is real, and I just got a new one with a link to add the op-z and a rollup bag to my cart. And of course, I canceled my Sweetwater order and got it :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: And yes, this is completely authentic. Add to cart link worked and brought me to the official teenage engineering site with both the bag and op-z in my cart. There was no hint of scam during my order.

Phishing email campaign re OP-Z?

So this new bundle email is real; do you think the first one was real too?


Yes, I never actually had much doubt otherwise. The email’s domain is the official teenage engineering website, and if it was a scam it would be an utterly useless one.


The previous email was a pretty obvious phishing attempt that even today is preying upon people’s emotions. But there’s already a thread on the subject.

Today’s email is different in that it’s actually from Teenage Engineering and links directly to their online store.

Spot the difference in the voice of the ad copy.


An official phishing email? It links to a page on the official site that implies that you got there from clicking a link… right?


If it was a scam, why were they doing it? This email is associated with a back in stock notification for the op-1, and the https://teenage.engineering/thank_you has been updated since this thread was started. Seems pretty obvious that it’s an official email, and was meant to log the region you are in in an attempt to figure out where the buyers are so they can send the op-zs internationally accordingly.


Here’s the updated website


I have only just read/realised the OP-Z has trigless locks, you can shift and put a step component on any step, not just the lit ones…


it’s there when viewing the site in french, searching after changing to english yields no hits


So I got the supposedly fake email, which leads to a shopping cart containing the OP-Z and the PVC roll up. The domain is suspicious:


The official website is https://teenageengineering.com . So it looks like a special domain created just for this offer? Sounds weird.

I tried adding an article to my shopping cart on the official website, then refreshed the suspicious one, only to find the article didn’t appear with the OP-Z and the roll up, so at least it’s a totally disconnected store, no cookies shared.

I’ve also taken a look at the SSL certificate on each website and they look alike, I’d even say they’re using the same one so I don’t know, it’s probably legit, but it seems shady at best anyway - I think I’ll sleep on it for a few months, and if I really want it I’ll try to do it via the website or a trusted retailer, even if I have to wait for a long time.

For the ones who are receiving the email, my advice is to be cautious! And of course let us know if you go through the buying process and you get the unit - I really hope it’s not a scam.


no word from TE regarding the legitimacy of the email yet?


https://teenage.engineering has been their official site for several years now. I have received emails from people working at TE (non-promotional), using that domain, regarding content they went on to promote on their social media, so it’s definitely legit.

I don’t understand why people think the first email was a scam? It links to the actual site, to a page that has text implying that you followed an email link to get there! How would a scammer set that up?


I received my unit this Friday.

First steps were really easy. I quickly learned the basics. The quick start guide is great.

But !! for more advanced use I would recommend having an iOS device or wait for an hypothetical android app… Or prepare to learn a lot of buttons combinations by heart!

Another thing is I think it really misses dedicated cut/copy/paste buttons…I mean…you have press shift 3 times to copy a track WTF?!

Appart from that side note, this thing is a total beast!


tbh this has been much less difficult than I expected. I use the app if I really can’t figure something out, but I’m beginning to remember the shortcuts pretty quickly.


I posted a little analysis about why I thought the first email was suspicious enough to be treated with care.

(It’s because the DMARC check failed, while SPF and DKIM passed, because the mail was sent from a third party, and the DNS records and mail headers weren’t set up right.)

(Edit: as well as this, google mail put the email into my spam folder, with a special big yellow banner with a warning on it, saying that the sender of the mail wasn’t the same as the from address. TE fucked up with this one!)


I think it’s just weird to have two different websites that are actually the same…I don’t know, the link still works so might as well get it. I’ll think about it, will let you know if I finally fall for it :stuck_out_tongue:


Many companies do this, usually as a redirect. They do seem to mirror each other though so it’s not like they’re two completely different websites.