Teenage Engineering OP-Z


I’d wait to install the update. For me it lead to content mode being broken.

Edit: although it was also no problem to just revert back to the older firmware.


I didn’t know there was a question until I read these posts :slight_smile: The icons printed on my unit (zap, asterisk, triangle) match the icons that the iPhone app displays when you add step components to steps.


Anybody have an idea when the next batch is coming? I preordered mine a week after the first batch (because I was completely convinced they were awesome) and the Sweetwater representative said they were definitely coming before Christmas.


My Sweetwater rep would never ever say anything is ‘definitely’ coming by a certain time. But the last estimate I heard was hopefully by the end of November.


One more question for OP-Z owners - have you managed to make your OP-Z recognised by a MIO? When I connect mine with the factory cable, it doesn’t show up. My Keystep does; when I remove the Keystep from the MIO and attach the OP-Z, nothing shows up.

I’m sure I can get around it by running OP-Z as USB Host and connecting to one of the USB-B ports on the MIO instead, but I’m curious as to why the MIO’s not recognising it.


You can discover your software version using the App on the Devices screen, after it’s connected over BT.


I just discovered that you can enable backlit keys mode by editing the general config json file in the config/ folder in disk mode :slight_smile:

And disable the startup sound.

I like this thing.


Oooo fancy. Though I don’t know why you’d get rid of the startup sound. That chime is awesome.

On another note, has anyone tried using a midi usb connector with the op-z to connect it to like a 88-key midi controller or something similar?


I don’t like devices that make sounds that I can’t disable. First thing I do with every new computer (for example) is disable all system sounds.

Good to know it can be disabled on the OP-Z… that was the one thing that made me cringe when watching the various intro videos. Does it always play through the speaker or does it come through headphones (and not the speaker) when they’re plugged in?


just through the speakers and even really quiet if you don‘t raise the volume that early.

it’s a lovely and fresh Sound, which says OP-Z is alive.


The start up sound immediately reminded me of the opening of this classic:


I wish there was a way to disable the Velcro sound when opening the pvc bag :hear_no_evil:


Never underestimate the power of a seam ripper. I use mine all the time to remove labels, tags, and other branding from my clothes.


Yeh, I have ‘feature requested’ that they make the backlit keys switchable from the hardware rather than on or off all of time between computer connections as it is such a necessary feature for night time use…


Just received mine! For now, I’m giving the battery a full charge before having a first run… but nicely surprised already by the build quality. It’s heavier than I thought, the buttons feel good, and dem encoders, hmmmm… :heart_eyes:

Edit: while I’m here, what’s the best policy regarding charging, in order to keep the battery in tip top shape?


Dunno man it’s a normal lipo as far as I know. Probably similar to your phone? But then again, it’s replaceable, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Also, the op-z doesn’t draw large loads or do intensive charging so my guess is that battery will last forever.


Is the config folder hidden? I can’t see it on my (work) mac.


Hold track button whilst powering up, then connect to computer it should show all the folders.


Has anyone tried sequencing external hardware with it? Apparently the sequencer is meant to be pretty powerful…


Yeah works fine so far.

The other day I tested it to sequence my MnM via iConnectMidi and the Op-1 via ipad (connect via bluetooth + midifire app).

Just played around with arpeggiator/step components till now and it seems to work well, but I did not look further into cc parameter changes, which should be probably the most fun.