Teenage Engineering OP-Z


AFAIK all the current ones are misprinted.


I flipped and flopped on getting one, but decided to take the plunge.

When I opened it I was a bit “I paid £529 for this???!!”
When I played it for about 30 mins I was “I paid £529 for this :)”
Once I played it for a few hours I was “I only paid £529 for this :joy:


Cheers, that’s saved me an hour of searching needlessly for two different pictures


Basically if you have a * and triangle on the last 2 keys it is ‘misprinted’ there are a couple of other differences too (master and step components icons IIRC) personally I hope they just make all of them like this going forward as it seems more logical.


You’ll know the “correct” ones by looking at the master track which will be labeled “M” instead of little mixer level lines. I don’t think there any in the wild yet.


If indeed they are misprinted I think I prefer it as the last two step component icons are more distinct.


Here’s a comparison of the misprinted icons.


Having my first troublesome time with the op-z right now. I installed the new firmware, no issues. Then I transferred some sample packs onto the device and ejected it from my computer. Normally, when I pulled the USB cable, the green leds disappeared and the op-z updated the new files. Now, when I pull the cable, nothing happens and the leds stay green, as if I were still in content mode. I did a factory reset, but that didn’t fix the issue. Any ideas?


I think to be fair its more a case of the second batch has ‘re-designed’ icons :wink:


Actually, I think the icons in the manual are wrong. If you look at videos from beta testing, you can see the M instead of the vertical bars, as well as the arrows instead of the asterisk/triangle.

And IMO, the icons on the device as they are now are much better than what is in the manual. Much easier to distinguish and also look nicer (e.g the icon for the mixer ‘back button’ is more narrow, harmonizing it with the rest of the ‘back button’ icons)


Yeah mine has these, thought for a brief moment i may have been in the 2nd batch, yeah i kinda hope they stay like this also.


thanks, yeah mines the same, have seen some videos of people using them in the wild thow lol


I can live with it either way, best now focus on getting it out of my daughters Nintendo Switch case and into something else before she ends up taking it to a sleep over


Regarding the (possible) misprinting, even TE’s final product photos are inconsistent.

On their main product page (https://www.teenageengineering.com/products/op-z), the first photo (https://www.teenageengineering.com/_img/5bd325fbcd0a0000043499d8_2048.jpg) has the icons like the manual.

But further down, the photo with the yellow case and accessories (https://www.teenageengineering.com/_img/5b9ee16d655b1900048d7333_2048.jpg) has the icons we’ve been seeing on YouTube and Instragram. I’m pretty sure the badminton racquet photo was the same.

Agreed that the versions ‘in the wild’ make more sense than what’s in the manual.

I’ve got one coming my way so I’ll be keen to see which version of the icons it has.


TE has confirmed the icons shown in the manual will be the final printing


Nice. Thanks for the info.


An indie music shop here in Nashville, TN is now stocking TE stuff. They have 8 OPZ’s and a bunch of PO’s. Far from convinced I want an OP-Z, but I might goof around on one, just to be safe :slight_smile:


Anyone else got an audio bug since the update, where after all sounds finish playing, it appears to shut off the audio interface with an audible click?

Try playing a single note and letting it tail off.


How do I kmow what firmware I’m on? Didnt know there was an update already…

Edit: seems software on their website released 13th Nov… interesting how they have the date on the site backwards… so shall I not upgrade? @darenager did you resolve your issue?


It was worth upgrading for me, even with this strange click (which happens only when ALL sounds stop) - the bug where disabling midi out stopped the app from working was kinda annoying!

Reverse date makes sense for sorting numerically.