Teenage Engineering OP-Z


You’re very welcome!

I’m super duper looking forward to being able to create synth packs. (I am hoping and assuming they’re gonna make a way for us to do that!!)


Awesome. But how do you get drum packs into the iOS app?


That’s described in detail in the documentation, but in summary, you use iTunes to transfer the files into the App’s data storage space. :slight_smile:


Ah, ok. So it doesn’t (yet) integrate with the iOS music making ecosystem in any way?


Well, do you count MIDI? (over cable or bluetooth) It works very well.


(You can also use “disk mode” on the OP-Z to transfer the drum pack directly, to avoid having to use iTunes. Then you could transfer the drum pack from the OP-Z to the app, if you wanted.)

(That’s described in the manual link above ^ ^)


I haven’t slept enough lately so I might have said something slightly inaccurate - it could be the case that you can only transfer videopaks to the app that way, via itunes, and not drum packs.

It’s definitely the case for videopaks that you need to use iTunes; transferring drum/synth packs might only be directly in disk mode.

I’m not writing anything else before getting some sleep :slight_smile: :sleeping_bed: :zzz:


when the courier sends you a text that they are delivering tomorrow


The OP-Z could end up being the DN/DT killer purely based on this feature alone… A simple fix could prevent this… Being able to save chained patterns… I love these boxes but 4 bars is starting to get old… Saving chained patterns can fix this… I’d like to hear some thoughts on the OP-Z being the better design…


Sequence the DT/DN with the OP-Z : win-win.

Also, you can chain patterns on the DT/DN, you just can’t save the chains ^^


No thoughts?


Instead of asking this question, you should feel guilty for wanting to use the DT/DN for the wrong things- This is the only reason you would want to save a pattern chain. (kidding)


Lol… That’s funny… Still no thoughts?


I think the DT/DN hit a perfect sweet spot of minimal UI and immediacy for user interaction. With the OP-Z you’re stuck either having zero UI (which is cool in an abstract sort of way, but seems impractical in practice) or you have to use a computer UI, at which point you lose the immediacy in my opinion and might as well just start using software synths. Minor quibbles, like the availability of saveable pattern chains (which arguably can be reentered relatively quickly) don’t really impact this fundamental difference in philosophy between the two devices.

(Though I also wish there was a song mode in the DT/DN)


I wouldn’t say the OP-Z has zero UI. The UI is just different. It has zero built-in display, but that topic has been beaten to death.

I haven’t had an issue with the 4-bar limitation and lack of saved pattern chains with DT/DN, but I also only have time for quick jams here and there, where I lay down some tracks and record the loops. I have noticed that my jamming has become very… loopy recently, but I’m ok with that for now. I don’t think the OP-Z is a DT/DN killer just yet. The features and price point really make it an attractive option though. I could see it replacing one of the DT/DN for me, or maybe just as another complementary piece of gear. It depends on whether I need to maintain a minimal gear footprint or if I have different horses for different courses. OP-Z is the perfect mobile jam machine, I think.


Awesome… You make a lot of sense… But I feel some how that the sequencer in the DT/DN falls short of what it’s truly supposed to be. Only because of this one feature… I know it’s been said before but what if I wanted to play a different instrument, like a guitar for example… I have to take the time to re-enter the arrangement of my song before every jam session… To me it just slows things down… Sometimes I want to get a quick jam, in before work. I can’t do that without programming first.


You’re still going ham on the no song mode? After all this time why have you not moved on if the machines are to crippled for the way you intend to use them?

The op z is really in no better state than the digitakt when it was released. Bugs, misprinted units, convoluted sample transfer system, shorter battery life than advertised, etc.


Explaining to you why this remains a topic of discussion is of no interest to me… You need not reply if you’ve moved on from the topic… Thank you :blush:


I actually replied on topic, the opz is in a terrible state. It’s currently no digitakt or digitone killer at this point. Even with song mode

Edit. Removed my snark and the end it wasn’t necessary


Well, I suppose you’ve been entertained at the least… Thanks for the reply’s😊