Teenage Engineering OP-Z


So you didn’t want to discuss the state of the opz?


I didn’t know that the OP-Z had a bug problem. In most cases, these things get worked out over time… What happens then? IMHO the digi boxes have some serious competition in this device… Mostly because of song mode.


Everyone should use what they like and they’ll never get any grief from me. That said, how the OP-Z is serious competition for the DT/DN completely escapes me. I know, song mode :slight_smile:

To be clear, the OP-Z seems kinda neat for a whole bunch of reasons. It really does. I personally would rather get a DN to go with my DT and OT. Maybe that’s why I spend time on Elektronauts. I like their machines and love keeping up to date as well as all the great tips and tricks. Never crossed my mind to go on a TE forum and tell em how much I prefer Elektron stuff.

Song mode is a must have feature for many (clearly), but my OT has that feature and I’ve never once used it. Glad it’s there, but I like doing stuff on the fly. It’s just more fun for me. I play bass for a living and none of my basses have song mode, so maybe I’ve just gotten used to it :slight_smile:


I like the OP-Z. I like the Digitakt. I don’t see the value in pitting them against one another. No instrument needs to be the ‘killer’ of another. I think it’s far more enjoyable to find ways in which they may complement one another and play together. It’s not a zero sum game.


By that time you may be able to save chains on the digiboxes :wink: Teenage engineering have been publicly developing the opz for a long time and beta testing for a long time. The instrument still came out ridiculously flawed.

Much like the current elektron devices it really is a wait and see situation. But if we are comparing presently the dt/dn are definitely more solid. Could the opz eventually fill the spot of a dt or dn possibly.


So you can’t even sample from the internal mic? I guess I’m confused what the purpose of the mic is, then…


Well, there’s that empty slot underneath…betcha they have sampling at some point


There’s some discussion on this topic further back up in the thread.

Currently you can send the input from the mic into the effects in slot 1 and/or 2, and (I think) the tape track. You can use it for mixing in live vocals, or MCing as demonstrated nicely in one of @cuckoomusic’s performance videos.

The mic is activated by gyro; you hold the device up to your face and the mic LED lights up; press a button and it becomes active and the LED changes colour. It’s very natural feeling.

I personally speculate that there will be a new software instrument released at some point which allows sampling in a more traditional sense.

@bradleyallen I believe had the awesome idea of its input being used as a breath type controller, to create the OP-Z Ocarina.


The operator-1 forum seems a bit less friendly than this forum, so I’d recommend discussing it here :smiley: :angel:



It’s also cool in a studio setting, cuz its sequencer is just awesome and it’s got a pretty complete MIDI spec.

And it’s cool for sequencing iOS synths over Bluetooth. Not sure if that counts as studio or mobile :smiley:


To quote the lead developer upon wrapping up the release firmware. “This is where the fun [development] begins”.


A funky Swede came to me in a dream last night and said they were working on a super secret Overbridge module for the OP-Z …


oh wow, if this happens I will definitely buy one!


Hm… that sounds a bit scary :smiley:


Good to know. It means I’ll hold my horses for the foreseeable future.


Just got my shipment confirmation from thomann.de :blush: Psyched!




Will there be some possibility that op-z work with airpod for audio over bluetooth in the future firmware? It would be so cool if i could jam op-z with airpod on subway.


I agree, that would be awesome! I don’t know if it is technically possible.

It’s annoying that I can’t use cabled headphones with my iPhone, and I can’t use wireless headphones with the OP-Z :slight_smile:


I suspect half the folks on the Op1 forum also have an elektron box or 2, there is no competition between the OP1 and elektron boxes, maybe a little cross over with the Z but certainly not enough to create rivalry! If you like sequencing on elektron you probably will like the OP-Z, and if you want something very portable and battery operated the OP-Z will compliment your elektron boxes not replace them.

Personally I never found the Op1 site unfriendly, quite the opposite, lots of battles (people actually making and posting music) and creative insight. The reddit OP-Z site is also pretty good…the OP-Z is so new (it’s still just weeks old) it will take a while to settle down!