Teenage Engineering OP-Z



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That would be super powerful, I am curious to hear the answers too!


Nice track… So you seem to feel twisted and bend? :wink:



one question:

when pluggin the opz to an ios device via usbc or bt, will it be recognized as an audio interface, so that you can send audio to it and listen via the headphone connector of the opz?

this would be handy, because newer ios devices have no headphone jack anymore


@andreasroman says hello to his old Nauts friends ! :ghost:



That change at 2:10 - magic!


Nice plant btw ;), OP-Z sounds like my old amiga 500, no offense :P, just my 2 cents…


I’m afraid not :frowning: only MIDI!


so its not a dream machine as they told us, damn



I think it’s pretty dreamy even without Bluetooth audio <3


It can sound like whatever you want, from what I’ve heard so far… that said, I personally am ok with it sounding like an amiga :smiley:


Nintendo Game boy had a 8 bit drum kit like this. Add some twangy elastic bands and you have your new instrument. Only kidding :slight_smile:


q1.why would someone pay over the odds for this synth (any recently released synth) ??

q2.and why would a printing fault suddenly be termed ’ limited edition’ ?.. (unless of course i was trying to convince people to buy it if i was selling one ) … in general i’m completely over this marketing thing of ‘limited edition’ , watches , consoles etc… its just a different colour / sticker on it…

q3.why does the op-1 still sell for a high 2nd hand price ? … they don’t seem hard to find …

just a few questions bouncing round my head on a sunday evening. lets finish off with this one …

q4.why are people getting upset about other peoples opinion on an electronics device.

please dont answer them , they’re just rhetorical questions , … i think there has been some confusion over this device, partly from TE , partly from reading forum comments and people getting confused , and some understandably confused people over the claims / reality of the device… theres plenty of info coming out daily about this … do your research people… and if your questions arent answered , dont buy it. ( i know it sounds obvious and i’m certainly guilty of buying new things that look great … i try not to any more)


My question is does it have the small, boxed in, undynamic sound of the op-1?
Hopefully the sound quality has been improved, although from what I have heard so far it seems to carry the same traits


To my ear, it sounds “cleaner” than the OP-1, but honestly, these airy descriptions of how devices sound are really in the ear of the beholder. (I think our hearing can be influenced by how the device looks and feels, too. And what we’ve read in forums :smiley: ) so … take what I say with a grain of salt!

I certainly wouldn’t call the sound “boxed in” myself, but I like to tweak the per-track and the master filters and FX to my taste.

I personally love how it sounds, just as I love how the OP-1 sounds, just as I love how the Blofeld and the A4 sound … we are so lucky to have access to these amazing instruments!


+1 for the creds to the Blofeld…


I wish they’d make an XL version that’s about 100% larger. I suppose that’s where the OP-1 comes in. It just feels like you’d need to either EDITED or look like someone playing Tiny Hands to get the most out of it. I’ll need to try it but the UI looks more like torture to me.


OP-1 has been really hard to find for about a year now. Retailers are constantly sold out and used ones pop up fairly rarely. Also they’re sturdy and the battery doesn’t seem to degrade much.


Well, its digital with the same audio spec as Digitakt, OT, so it sounds exactly the same as the electron boxed with samples (I have the dark trinity for comparison). The FM engine in the Digitone (which I also have) is far better FM synth any of the individual synths in the OP-Z, but its still digital and the sound of the OP-Z synths are comparable (not as editable) but there are half a dozen of them (not just FM) with more to come. You relay need to hear an OP-Z in the studio through a good amp/speakers…its very capable…

Obviusly sound quality is subjective, the OT isn’t a great sampler by todays standards (I can sample 24/96K with my PC/DAW) but I like the sound and workflow, same with the OP-Z; for me it is the best value/fun/functionality/sound to cost ratio of any music toy I have ever had (and trust me, I have had/have most of them including all the electron gear other than the Digitakt ;-))


If it was any bigger it would not fit in your inside pocket, I like that I can do that. The OP-1 was way to be big to be ‘pocket sized’ and ended up not coming with me on lots of occasions.

In the studio/home you have full midi cc over everything so its realy easy to use a master keyboard just like any other module