Teenage Engineering OP-Z


confused me too. i guess that means it plays back samples? unless sampling will be a module they release. surely they will. that’d be awesome.

this is a fun tip i found.

one of my favorite things to do on the rytm. doesn’t work so well on the op-z but still gets awesome results.


Is there timestretch/warp?


Not quite but with technique u can kind of mimic it


Per sample…

Pitch, Reverse, filter/res,
2 fx sends, pan volume
Lfo speed, type and destination (destinations quite limited, filter, res, pan, volume etc)

That’s from memory so may not be in the right order! Basicali you press shift and it moves through 4 banks of 4 encoder controls (by different LED colours)

Quite easy to do, no screen required and plenty of variation possibilities for drums, but not exactly a creative sampler like OT! I suspect they will do a hardware sample module (line in etc, maybe even sd card) with an accompanying software instrument that does start, end, loop and maybe has some sample related lfo destinations (what are they calling the little apps we put in slots, seems like they need a special name!)


Feeling better now?


Just brainstorming:

with the combo of Digitakt and OP-Z, can you do something like the following?

  1. (Digitakt) Use the Digitakt to sample in, prep the sample, add effects, etc. on the 8 audio tracks
  2. (Digitakt -> OP-Z) Use the OP-Z’s sequencers to set up patterns and chain those patterns into songs using 8 MIDI tracks to control & sequence the Digitakt’s 8 audio tracks you prepped in #1
  3. (OP-Z -> Digitakt) Use the Digitakt’s 8 midi tracks to further control & sequence the OP-Z’s 8 MIDI tracks that in turn control & sequence the Digitakt’s 8 audio tracks (phew)

(essentially this would be creating a DT/OPZ/DT layercake of sampling, processing, control, and movement combined with the sound source of your choice)


I know I know.
Too be honest, I don’t, I kind of feel like a bitch.
Sorry for going off J0n35y.
I get why people are frustrated. I really do.
I just don’t get why people put themselves in those positions.
& I really want to trust marketing.
We should be able to.
It’s just not the world we live in.
I admit, I feel differently about TE.
BUT I love my OP-1 sooooooooooooooooo much.
& I’m probably adding the Op-z…after more research of course.
Guess I’m somewhat of a fan girl,
I don’t know, maybe that’s why some of us get so passionate.
I do not agree with what TE did tho.


Don’t mean to stir up the battery conversation again with bad intentions but I did recall them in a few marketing videos of them at conventions claiming the battery lasted ultra long.

So I just want to know now; what is the battery hold currently estimated to be capable of now?

I plan to use this to brainstorm when portable but realistically I only need maybe 2 hours or less max.
Just something I could take with me on quick trips.
That’s why I’m getting this, it separates itself from my other gear being so portable but also very capable.

So all I really need is 1-2 hours battery total.
Don’t plan on being out that long with it. Like I said just enough for a quick sketch and when I get back in the lab I could further take those ideas with the external power supply.


The tape player instrument/track could be called a sampler :slight_smile:


It is not an estimate any more as a lot of us (I wonder how many they shipped?) have an OP-Z.

TE claim 6 hours, based on my experience this seems about right for normal use.


At least TE were honest with me when i emailed them last year or so about the sound engines being inferior to the OP-1. I asked them straight up and they couldnt say anymore except the OP-1 remains their flagship.(and will be for a long time). They did say that it was for a niche clientele between the operators and the OP users. But since then they have marketed it much more strongly. It was still in the early stages.


I don’t have my OP 1 anymore but I would say the OP-Z sounds at least as good and for me the OP-Z is a far more practical and insperational instrument…but then I never realy clicked with the whole tape sequencing mode of working and I love step sequencers!


6 hours is tremendous for my personal needs.
I’m very happy with that.

And also too, it could only get better right, with firmware updates?


It might get better with software, but I wouldn’t count on it!


The tape can play back at different speeds, which probably isn’t what you’re imagining, but I think it fits your description :slight_smile:

And: The drum tracks are sample chains that can be repitched.


Haha I just mindlessly plugged my op-z into my mio via USB and pressed play, planning to sample its output into the OT, and of course it started to midi-play my A4 (and send/thru a midi clock, doubling the tempo) so everything went crazy. It actually sounded pretty rad ;D


Same for me. Around 6 hours I reckon sounds right. I haven’t measured closely because that sounds like a boring task. It’s certainly more than 1-2 hours though :slight_smile:


“Haha I just mindlessly plugged my op-z into my mio via USB and pressed play, planning to sample its output into the OT, and of course it started to midi-play my A4 (and send/thru a midi clock, doubling the tempo) so everything went crazy. It actually sounded pretty rad ;D”

You might of invented a new genre of music.
What are you going to call it? lol


haha maybe Accidental Tech Step? Progressive MIDI Loop?

I just rendered a track that represents how I’m feeling right now (OP-Z into OT, LoFi + extra delay on OT)

Someone above mentioned not liking the pitch bend “pad” thing - I’ve grown to really like it. I use my thumb/thumbnail to press it and it feels like I can control it.


In case any of you haver missed it, the best resource I have found for OPZ stuff currently is:


On this link there is a fully hyperlinked PDF manual, free 808 and 909 drum kits and some pretty cool undocumented tips and finds…I wont repost them as the honour belongs to the people who did the work/made the finds, but check it out!