Teenage Engineering OP-Z


well yeah now they have to be honest. they can’t make shit up now and get away with it.

i’m happy with mine. but i don’t like being fed totally untrue inflated facts about how incredible battery life is (straight from the horses mouth), when in actuality it’s 1/4th as powerful as they initially claimed when they took my money.

it’s sketchy business ethics.


I agree. I right to be pissed off with such a vast under delivery on expectation on overbridge (My HEAT MK2 and Digitone have no connectivity at all despite advertising overbridge on the box!) but I didn’t feel cheated on the battery as I never came across that claim! Fortunately longer battery life can be achieved quite easily with perhaps a higher capacity battery down the line, but as most of the flights I take have a USB socket I think I can fly 4 times across the pond and back no problem with zero battery use :wink:


Please remember, folks, that the exciting “flying over the pacific four times” battery life was written well before the product was released, along with the very clear (and understandable) caveat that all specs may change in the finished product.

This is pretty common practice. If a spec changes, well, it changes. When you are reading specs for products that are still in development, it’s important to remember that the specs can always change on the finished product.

If you’ve bought one and you’d like a refund, I’m sure you can get one. Otherwise I’m quite sure you’ll find a buyer here :slight_smile:

A personal plea: please let’s drop the battery topic? It’s been discussed; we understand that some people want the battery life to be longer, and some people are fine with it like it is. Cool.



As I said below, I wasn’t aware of the long battery life claim so I had no prior expectations (always the best way!) and have been utterly enamoured by the little thing since it turned up, for me it is better than I expected so I am unashamedly happy right now and want to keep my buzz :wink:


Any other OP-Z users here find the performance track a bit like Octatrack scenes? The main difference is the scenes are preset and actually change the midi sequence and fx…I wonder if we will be able to configure our own performance scenes ins in the future - 24 is a good number (only 16 on the OT) but gradual morph I guess unless they utilise the tape track?


the website had this quote on it the day i pre-ordered mine. they day i paid them. again, getting a “refund” isn’t the point. i’m a touring musician and when reading that it totally sweetened the pot. it’s a completely false claim that left a sour taste about a company i really want to like.


the implementation of scenes would be awesome. master transpose operates that way a little bit. the FX are cute-- what would be truly awesome is if you could write your own FX in max or something and upload those to desired FX track, or something.


I think the punch-in fx track is basically TE’s implementation of OT Scenes, its just missing the ability to ‘roll your own’ rather than having fun with what TE think are cool FX (some are really useful like drop the drums, double the bass etc, some are plain scary!) but I would prefer (in the app) to be able to say 'when I press button 1 mute the snare and increase reverb by 50% etc). I guess fades could be done with a wheel, but I would take editing first!

It already does so much, the mid boggles as to what it could end up doing (the OP1 had so much added it was a different animal altogether form launch to now)


Yesssss! This is what I am dreaming of :smiley:


I think this is what the Organelle does but with Pure Data.


On the same page where it stated the battery lasts 4 times across the Atlantic? It states “subject to change” at the bottom of that page. I barely watched the Op-z & from the beginning it was clear that all features mentioned might not be the same when it gets released. & there wasn’t even a manual when it was released.

Why do people pay over $500 for a product when they know nothing about it?
Why do people expect a refund when they could sell it for a profit right now if they choose?

Frustration is understandable. COMPLETELY understandable. Even venting is understandable. Pointing fingers, complaining, not taking any responsibility & exaggerating is a little less understandable.

Personally I learned when I was REALLY young not to trust marketing when McDonald & Burger King commercials interrupted my cartoons. “Wait a minute! My cheeseburgers don’t look like that!”

Not saying false advertising is right. But how do we know it was false or a lie? I would think they planned on using a battery that lasted as long as they said. I can’t be sure tho. I just thought they were listing features they HOPED would be included.

I don’t think it was cool for them to list possible features…they should’ve waited until the features were concrete…they should be more careful for all the people that don’t really do research…I don’t think it was cool that they sold a product before even releasing a manual. But companies can sell whatever they want…we don’t have to buy it.

Above is just my opinion. I think people get frustrated with all the complaining is what I think. Especially if they can just sell the Op-z & make a PROFIT. & some people complaining don’t even own one. How is the lower battery life affecting them so badly?

“That’s not the point” “It was misleading advertising”.
Yea yea. I get it. I think we ALL get it. So sell it & make some money.
Or don’t buy it. We all have a choice.

Negativity attracts negativity. That’s how mob’s happen. Everyone pumping each other up & making it into something bigger. It’s a battery. Nothing to mob about.


nobody is mobbing. nobody is asking for a refund. reread the thread. i’m asking for clarity and honesty when selling expensive products.


we’re not talking about fast food and 1 dollar cheeseburgers. we’re talking about an instrument. i didn’t spend 600 on something i knew nothing about,. i read what they said about it. i bought what they told me i was buying. and when a crucial bit of functionality is only a quarter of what was claimed, that’s just plain shitty. there was no “subject to change” quote on the purchase page stating its incredible portability capabilities.

there’s always fine print. the fine print here is you just blabbed more than anyone else about the battery in this thread. for what? i think to make yourself feel better.

it’s a battery, and your favorite synth is just a paperweight without it. i guess that’s why most people @sharris buy these things anyways.

we weren’t even chatting about the battery anymore. were we?

  1. Read what I replied to. I was answering the question regarding why people are getting on people about the battery.
  2. Yes, someone specifically stated a refund should be in order.
  3. Not talking about $1 cheeseburgers. EXACTLY. We’re talking about a semi expensive product that people bought not knowing what the features are & with no manual.

I don’t need to feel better I feel great :o) Just trying to open minds. Get people thinking. I answered a question as to why I think people are reacting. Again, never said it was right.

You have your opinion, I have mine.

Someone frustrated about the battery life? Understandable. Never said it wasn’t.


Did I say anything about your comment?
Did you call TE liars?
Did you state a refund was in order?

Yes without a battery it doesn’t work. Which is why it has a battery. You can even buy extra batteries to keep on stand by. Totally understandable if that is not what you want.

It’s not incredibly portable?

& don’t get me wrong, I understand their marketing wasn’t great for the Op-z, it was clear from the beginning. Clear from the beginning that nothing was concrete. I guess I’ll just offer advice: In the future, don’t base a purchase solely on marketing. If you do there is more of a chance you will be disappointed then happy with the purchase. Read the manual. Read reviews. Watch demos. Not trying to tell you what to do. Just a little advice to lower frustration with future purchases.


Folks Folks Folks… Please relax with the personal jousting. Yeah. We don’t all agree. That’s pretty well established. Let’s resist the urge to dig into details of each others word usage and analogies.


Fair enough. I apologize. & sorry @jamandibles. You have every right to be frustrated & disappointed.


I stopped reading when you offered unsolicited advice. No complaining going on here. I called a company out for its shitty and shady marketing is all. The reason I came here was to learn about others experiences with op-z, because this thing is killer. If we can have a conversation about that’d be swell.


I watched an unboxing video for the OPZ today and on the box it mentions sampling as a feature - I thought that sampling wasn’t possible, so is it a error on the box printing or has it indeed been added?


Thanks a lot, man!

Sounds like both can be a real sweet combo