Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Never a bad idea to wait on a new product if you can hold off the GAS, its a bit easier with the OP-Z as you probably couldn’t even get one even if you wanted one, I have seen second hand units selling almost double the new price!

To be fair, there are 3 or 4 people reporting bugs on the OP-1 forum in the ‘report your bugs’ threads (and 2 of those are faulty batteries)…thats pretty good for a new product, Elektron stuff has had more bugs on launch (and don’t get me started on overbridge!) - as for sample transfer, I wouldn’t say it is any more difficult that my RYTM MK1! I am very confident that sample transfer will soon be simple and over USB as you can see on the app that other pe9ople have already made ‘packs’ (Cuckoo) so I bet a tool exists for authoring these…if it doesn’t someone will fill the gap!

The battery issue is dealt with - pre-release details were incorrect, the ‘official’ advertised product says 6 hours and thats what I get. I have no issue with this as you can easily slip another battery in if necessary, but the USB fast charge gets top about 80% in 30 minutes which is realy useful.

FYI I have had no bugs and have about 20 hours use, there is obviusly lots of room for improvement (and expansion) but I have confidence in TE that there will be a lot added over time and regular updates.


FWIW and FYI, my experience is the same as @SLiC :slight_smile:


Yeah honestly I was wondering how they’d manage to squeeze more than 5 hours out of a battery in something so small. 5 hours is my usual expectation, anything else is usually unnecessary imo.


This is a reason I avoid that place! Negativity seems to swell out of control really fast.

And one reason I love this place. People can complain without losing their ****, generally, and that’s great.

(Not to take anything away from your post! I just wanted to share my feelings about that other forum :smiley:)


I have both and they’re an amazing combo. I use a USB-c male to USB-a female adapter to hook them up using the digitakt as master. There is a ton you can do with the digitakt midi tracks controlling the op-z. I also have a digitone and op-1, but the DT and opz is my go to combo


hahaha that is so true, I am glad that we have nice people here keeping us informed ! :grin:


I got both the Rytm MkII and OP-Z immediately. I was far more plagued with bugs and issues with the Rytm than I am with the OP-Z so far. What was so shocking and frustrating with the Rytm is that is that it was a MKII, which means non of those shit issues should’ve happened.

OP-Z is an incredibly unique device. That aside, the false advertising was lame, and I feel TE should honor partial refunds to those who purchased under the impression that it was a product with different features.

It seems like companies these days think they can release a super cool device, but just because that product is amazing doesn’t mean they should be allowed to be misleading and cut corners.


what exactly are you referring to, can you explain or provide a link (the misleading info)? missed this and would like to have a look. thx


Sorry that was unclear. I’m referring specifically to the op-z “now you can fly the atlantic 4 times back and forth, sequencing complete songs on 16 dedicated tracks before you run out of power”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% sold on this device. It’s amazing.
But you can’t take people’s money when you promise things like this, and the reality is far different.


The main selling point of the OP-Z is not battery life. If it’s a major sticking point for someone who bought an OP-Z, they can return it. Teenage Engineering doesn’t owe them any refund for not meeting the claim of a product that was in alpha development.


it’s obviously not the main selling point. but that’s beside the point. it’s creative poetry to attract more buyers, when in fact it’s not even half-true. It’s the principle of lying about a products capability. Any company that says they’re selling something that does X,Y,Z, and then it only does X,Y. that’s fucked up.

Also what are you talking about “alpha development”? This claim was on their site when orders for the final product opened.


Given that you can sell an OP-Z for far more than you paid for it (almost double in some cases!) I don’t think anyone will be returning one for a refund!

I feel a bit sorry for TE as the info page people are referring to (the grey one that also stated it was glow in the dark) was ‘found’ by people, it wasn’t officially linked to the OP-Z synth on the site (which said pre release info)

Anyway, if you were lucky enough to get a misprinted prerelease unit (as I was) you could make quite a bit of money by selling it on…the fact that you haven’t seen many (1 that went for 900usd?) pretty much tells you people are happy!


i’m not interested in a refund, in fact i think it’s a really great product. i just think it’s very important to hold companies accountable for what they claim, what they sell and take money for.


Oh jeez - it wasn’t even an officially linked page that had that pre-release info with battery claims? That kinda renders the debate moot, since it wasn’t part of their (official) pre-order page. To think that every boutique company out there making bold claims is lying with malicious intent (i.e. separating people from their money) is a far more cynical view of the world than I have, and I’m pretty far out there.


I thought the MAIN selling point of the OP-Z was its portability. If thats is the case then a poor battery life is like a sledgehammer to the thing. Unless you want to carry spare batteries around with you. And i think TE really should be held accountable as portability is the initial idea that they designed it in the first place. If a thing is going to be ulta portable i would want a very long battery life. Why else build the thing?


battery claim i speak of WAS on their main page. the glow and the dark claim i never saw.


Why do people need to get so wound up when folk bring up the battery claim?! Whether it was “found/unearthed” or not doesn’t matter - TE should’ve been more careful with their IP details and it absolutely is a bit shabby to see the battery life shrink to about 25% of that claim.

I get why some can be annoyed by the battery life reduction but I genuinely can’t quite fathom why some don’t understand the frustration!


I personally didn’t see it linked officially (and I was checking a lot!) I got the link to the ‘pre-release page’ (it was grey) from the operator-1 site but at that time if you actually clicked OP-Z on the TE Site (it was labeled ‘pre-release’ info on the site) it took you to the pre-order page only, then after that the Bluetooth speaker page (randomly!) then the finally ‘linked’ the page we see now. There was nothing (as I remember) before the pre-release, then after 2 hours even the pre-release was taken down as sold out! It was a messy blur!

Anyway- its old news new; personally I think the misprint on the initial orders is more likely to be something you could claim on, maybe they will give us a soundpack for the early pioneers (assuming all soundpacks in the future are not free!)


The ‘official’ release advertised spec is 6 hours…everyone knows that now so you can buy it (if you can find one) or not, what to be angry about?

The only people who could say they have been mislead are the ‘pre-release’ buyers and they can sell their units for a lot more than they paid for them if they want, so not to shabby!

As an ‘owner’ of an early/ pre-release model I am completely happy- are you unhappy with yours?


I think you’re missing my point. Intentionally or not, people caught wind of something that hasn’t come true. It happens sometimes, but if battery life was a big deal to someone then of course they have a right to be pissed off with such a vast underdelivery on expectation. I’m pretty sure in some of the promo videos from god knows when they mentioned a hefty battery life too.

My post is directed at people who appear to behave a little oddly when a product is criticised. I just don’t get the need to defend it so vehemently.

For info - I don’t own an OPZ and I suspect I am as happy with that position as you with owning one.