Teenage Engineering OP-Z


I’m looking at those holes and can’t help but imagine some sort of digital flute or valve musical instrument module. The O in OP-Z stands for Ocarina.


Flute module might be too small for my fat fingers


Oh :smiley: that’s such a nice idea. When they release the OP-Z synth engine SDK we’ll have to make one!!

(Wishful thinking?)


Hi there thinking about getting the OPZ. Does anyone know if it can do zoning like a traditional sampler and also can it read off of an SD? Or only the 512 MB of RAM. Thanks

Thank you!


I haven’t read the comments after yours yet…not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but the price of the Op-1 has indeed gone up to $999 instead of $899.

Not sure EXACTLY when it happened or if it had to do with the Op-z. But when I got my Op-1 roughly 3 months ago the price was still $899.


All this screen talk…
I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned, maybe I missed it. The Op-z does video & picture stuff too… you want to do that on a screen the size of a quarter? Think about it, I guarantee this had something to do with using an ipad or iphone as a screen. An ipad is bigger than the Op-Z…nice big screen for the video & picture stuff.

& I DO get the screen talk…I really do…especially if you are used to depending on a screen (more visual)…but music is felt…not seen…when I make music I don’t even think, I just feel…& I honestly believe, from A LOT of experience, that NOT having a screen has actually enhanced my listening as in I feel like I hear things more clearly…when chopping samples I don’t look for points in a waveform…I listen & chop where it sounds right.

I know it’s not the same for everyone… some people need the visuals… it does make things easier if that’s what you want. But the cool thing about the Op-z is you CAN use a screen if you want. Yes, it’s a separate device, but the option is there. & the screen would be bigger than anything that would fit on the device itself.


No SD card support and I think the RAM is also significantly lower than 512 MB.


The video / screen stuff has been mentioned …

its not actually done on the device , its just sending triggers to a iOS / pc app or a version of unity that has some libriaries written to respond to midi note/midi cc’s (though I don’t have one and haven’t looked too deeply into it) . . … not anything particularly unique or new but its been packaged up in a more easy to use package … and it gives it a small unique selling point to broaden the range of interest.

I think i used a midi controller to do some stuff in 3dsmax many years ago (at least 13 years ago as i hacent done 3D for a long time).

I have no issues with it not having a screen , the interface / use of led’s seems to have been done well.


I know the Op-z sequences the videos/pics. You would need a program WITH a screen to control with the Op-z correct? & since you need an ipad or iphone to make the video/pic stuff, why not use that same screen for the other stuff as well.

Just thought that could be a reason TE didn’t put a screen on the Op-z… somehow I missed this discussion above regarding this, sorry for the repeat :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a long thread, don’ worry 'bout it XD


I believe we should consider “videolab” a part of the OP-Z - that’s the Unity package that contains a bunch of stuff to make graphics controlled by the OP-Z, all bundled together. It’s cool :slight_smile:


I don’t know if someone has tried it, but videolab’s control seems midi-based, so technically it can work with any synth.


This has been catching my eye lately, and it looks like such a fun gadget to play and mess around with. Do any Digitakt owners like myself plan to get one? And if so, how do you plan on using it alongside the Digi?


The opz is fully functional without a screen , but of course to see photos and view unity content it needs an iOS /mac/pc device to display the stuff …which would give the additional benefit of displaying the functions of the opz in a ‘better’ way… in a similar way to using a pc/Mac editor for a midi synth.

The content that is being triggered in unity needs to be made on pc/mac , and photos i guess come from pc,mac,iOS photos… the performance/frame rate of those animations would benefit from faster iOS,mac,pc ,… but it can do quite powerful things .

From what ive read it doesn’t take long to get to grips with screenless opz.

It looks like an interesting device that is very capable of quirky sequencing and interesting live manipulation , and more vids are appearing daily to show how samples / sound etc are transferred onto it.i think the questions on it will calm down over the next few weeks as it gets more coverage on forums , YouTube etc.


I’ve tried it, and yes, it’s MIDI, and you can read all about how it works here: https://github.com/teenageengineering/videolab/wiki/MIDI-input

Keep in mind, the videolab “packs” that you compile are effectively scripts that make use of all of the neat graphical grooviness that TE have created with Keijiro in the OP-Z iOS app.

That means a) they’re maybe limited, but b) you can “install” them directly into the exiting OP-Z app, kinda like plugins. So you don’t have to go through the process of compiling your own iphone app and having it approved in the app store etc.

If you want to compile your own app from scratch, though, you totally can.


Yeah I read the wiki but that’s not what I meant.
I was thinking about routing midi from another controller or synth directly into the op-Z app, just to play the visuals without an actual OP-Z.

I don’t think they worked with keijiro. They just used a lot of his stuff and put it in a package for videolab. (he’s credited in special thanks on the op-z page, I don’t think he would be there if they actually worked together).


Oh, my apologies :slight_smile:

The app won’t open up until an OP-Z is connected. I don’t know it detects it, but it’s probably nothing too tricky. If you can convince the app to start without an OP-Z connected, then yes I think the MIDI messages will drive the visuals :slight_smile:

(Edit: To be clear, the app opens, but sits at a “connect an OP-Z” message until you connect one.)


It would definitely be a nice experiment to try. I don’t have any idevice. But I think it’s just a matter of the op-z sending a sysex message to the app.


After reading on operator-1 forum so many people complaining about bugs, the battery, OPZ factory resetting on power cycle, and how difficult it sounds to configure its midi and change its stock samples (unless I am missing something it sounds complicated the sample transfering with that op-1 tool), I am thinking of not touching it, until they have a better and more stable product.

I remember the TE guy saying (on cuckoo’s video interview) that they are more precious on details than other brands, but the misprinted units, dropped battery capacity and power cycle factory reset bug - even after so long beta testing it - shows otherwise imo.


I can’t recall if it was with sounds or samples but Cuckoo’s big video on this one shows the interaction of OPZ with the app and it looked very easy to move stuff between the two. As I type that, I think that was more around sound/synth settings than samples though… I had just assumed the app would work the same way with samples and would fire them across over the wifi connection.

The OPZ looks like the sort of device that is going to be a lot of fun in a year or so from now. Having seen the bashing Elektron got over recent releases it doesn’t surprise me that TE are getting a bit of a shoeing on this one.