Teenage Engineering OP-Z


‘Should be coming in a future update’

Unless it’s official and you get the firmware , don’t wat for anything…try not to believe what you might read from someone who’s on a beta test …
For one it should probably be confidential.

I’ve heard rumours they might be doing a limited edition white version …
Actually , I haven’t , but if I hadn’t written this last sentence it would quite easily become fact within a few days …

I’ve seen comments on forums for various synths I’ve had that new firmware is on its way , apparently from trusted people who’ve spoken directly to companies , 1 year later there is still nothing. (Eg Avalon baseline and social entropy engine). … they may not be lying , probably aren’t, but that doesn’t mean things actually get released.


I didn’t hear it from anyone. I am a beta tester. The things discussed with the devs, especially those with real concrete ways of implementing, are very real and highly probable to happen.


ah!! awesome :slight_smile:


I hope so , I hear good things with the deluge community and developers being engaged , if TE are doing this too , it can only help improve it


Well, you’ve got at least one elektronaut (me) bringing other users ideas straight to the devs! Very excited to see where it goes from here!


Thank you for your insight and positivity. It really makes all the difference.


nice! thanks for the info. after a few days of use, there are a couple simple improvements i would propose if i were at the table with the devs that i think would have a big impact. (+ would be pretty easy updates for TE to implement)…

The track LFOs… increase the max speed. add more destinations. add more shape options. Add some trig steps with envelope parameters. (a la Elektron Rytm)


after using op-z for 2 weeks I’ve got some thoughts. Im an old op-1 and elektron user (+5 elektron boxes) but the op-z has some great things going:

  • the size, its actually perfect since u can access most buttons and shift easily with 2 hands. 1st thought to be 2 small, but the size is perfect for accessing the functions etc.
  • fast workflow, the seq and most of the functions is not fare away, no menus …
  • great sounding, yes it has better sound engines than op-1, and pair with elektrons.
  • u dont need the screen! after 1-2 days I wasnt looking at the app, now I dont use the app at all (4 some actions u need the screen, like loading new syntengines)
  • great effects (the punch in is wonderful)

so my main concerns:

  • no sampling on board, u can load samples but the direct/easy sampling in op-1 I miss a lot.
  • the mic, I dont get any good results, maybe me not getting in?
  • 2 few parameters on the synts, would be great with more than 2 (op-1 has 4).

I havent dived into the midi yet, but this weekend I hope for some elektron+op-z midi-wizardness (trick or treat?).
Great little machine!


I am really curious to know if the punch-in sequence effects are sent to the midi out ports. :smile: Elektron sequence running being altered by these punch-in would be really cool!


Yes, I had a look and watched also Cuckoo’s video for a first hands on impression.

No, it’s definitely not a device for me. I had my good share of screenless devices … when I don’t use them on a regular basis it takes me too long to get into them again (which doesn’t get better with age).

Personally I also don’t like that patterns longer than 16 steps can only be live recorded. It’s quite strange that you cannot switch through pages of 16 steps.

… and the battery capacity is also quite a bummer. 6 hours on a screenless device is “meh” …


You can’t step sequence beyond 16 steps?? Surely that must be a simple update to move through pages of 16 steps?

Can you see the other pages if using the app?


It doesn’t really work like pages. If you want a longer sequence, you divide the tempo of the track. So the 16 steps run slower and can still be step sequenced, but the ones in between can only be recorded live (but I think can be quantised though). I don’t own one but saw how it works in Cuckoo’s video.


Questions to you lucky bastard who have an OP-Z:

  • If you replace the samples you have a static set of sample “slots” that are global for all projects or?

  • Any sample size limit?

  • Can it handle stereo samples?

  • Can it be synced to external midi clock or cv pulse or similar?

  • Can it output midi data from all tracks of the sequencer?


This is for all the guys & girls who would like to have a look inside this tiny thing: http://boulderhackerspace.com/2018/10/31/teenage-engineering-op-z-teardown/


Good questions! I can already answer this one, with yes, if it sees a midi clock it syncs to it. This is described in the guide, here: https://teenageengineering.com/guides/op-z/midi

I haven’t put my own samples on the little critter yet but I’ll give it a go.


if it takes a CV pulse in for clocking, expands the power of the LFOs, and adds a couple more FX parameters it will be godly. (plus samples).

i’m already blown away.


Hi there,

I’ve just released this little M4L device to control and edit patches on the OP-Z.
It has a very cool randomization per part mode and a preset manager.



this is what i was asking about earlier. sounds like they will be implementing an update at some point that allows you to manually step sequence at finer resolutions when tempo dividing. Hopefully it can be done similar to how it’s down on elektron sequencers.


sample management is all done through the OP-1 drum utility. haven’t used it really yet but sample pack length can be no longer than 12 seconds total. i’m not sure if it’s stereo or mono.


good view of the module port -thanks for sharing