Teenage Engineering OP-Z


well since I already own an OT, I would rather have the OP-1 if I was to get a TE device.


I know it doesn’t sample but does it record the mic input? Or what’s the mic for? To perform live vocals over your track?


As you say Sequencer (z) v Tape.(1) Ive not read much but i like the drum patterns on the OP-1 and how its implemented. And the arpegiator. What way is the sequencer a large improvement to a large extent on the OP -Z?


Someone said that there are numerical indicators for the parameters. They even posted a comment on a youtube video (the NomNomChomsky review) regarding that :
Someone asked about it and another user answered:

When you press shift, the numerical lights indicate which page of parameters you are on

And TE confirmed :

hey marcel, we think you’d have a great time still! there are definitely ways to be 100% certain when operating the units, regardless of color. like david here mentioned for instance. thanks guys!


Maybe TE are referring to not all parameters show numerical values.

It shows parameter page number for me. some other parameters that show numbers are tempo, arp type, step component value…

I think when they have the black keys of the keyboard available they show the numerical info when it is practical to do so.




At this point, based on early testing in the wild, the functionality is fairly limited. The mic can pick up live vocals/sounds. And it can apply FX, which can then be passed through to the speaker or line out. There’s also a headset mode which allows the same thing. You can be the life of the party, but it doesn’t currently appear to record to a track, nor is it captured by the Tape buffer.


Yeah at the moment I think that’s all :slight_smile:

The software synth and drum engines themselves are modular; you can add and remove them to the device using the app (and maybe using disk mode idk). I can imagine that a new synth engine will be added, called “sampler” or something, which allows for more interesting things with the mic.


Thank you for confirming. Even in its current performance-only based state, it exhibits the playful, quirky/cute side of the instrument.


You can save only one pattern at a time in the OP-1 sequencers - any of them. That means you cannot switch from one pattern to another.

Please see the overview at the website, which lists a bunch of features the OP-1 sequencers do not have - too many for me to type here:




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Hm, I don’t mean to nag at you but have you had a look at the OP-Z sequencer now it’s out?

I’m done with Elektron

Does anyone know if there is a way to punch this in manually yet? Or is the only way to get 4 notes per trig still by recording live?


Step by step recording of the Chord track may be what you’re looking for.



the chord track is great for adding harmony to your music, with its four note polyphony per step, for beautiful chords.


step by step recording

hold rec while the sequencer is stopped and use the musical keyboard to record notes step by step.


OP-1 could be a solid choice if you understand what it can and cannot do. I don’t regret buying one, despite the “just get an iPad!” arguments. My first iPad - 4th generation - has limited usability these days because of the unrelenting waves of IOS updates/changes, particularly the change from 32-bit to 64-bit. Whereas the “more limited” OP-1 continues to be functional and useful.

OP-1 is not vulnerable to the whims of a megacompany like Apple and the musician-unfriendly decisions it has made (elimination of headphone jack on most iPhone models, and now the iPad Pro). I expect OP-Z to enjoy almost the same immunity - it does have an Apple-hosted companion app, but the app is apparently display-only - some update to it forced by Apple should not break the OP-Z.


i mean getting finer step resolution… so base sequence is 16 tracks. by holding “Track” + “Shift” you can shorten it… but you cannot lengthen beyond 16 steps. If you slow the playback of the track to half or slower, the only way you can punch in more steps per trig is to “record” + “play”-- i’m wondering if there is a way to punch them in manual.


Not yet, but it’s been discussed at length on the beta test forum including a great way to implement it. Should be coming in a future update.


Sorry that was a typo, I meant to say that there are indeed numerical indicators for the parameter pages, not the opposite.


That’s good news. Are the beta test forums only accessible by beta testers? Different topic, do you know if the CV “ZM-1” module will back a clock-input for stepping the sequence with pulse or trig inputs?


Yes, the beta forum is for beta testers only. I can’t answer your ZM-1 question as I’m not testing the module (:persevere:) but I’ll try to find out the answer.