Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Nice tutorial, mr @cuckoomusic, thank you. Exactly what I needed.


Let’s hope it grows as long as your beard Cuckoo


no more nuke for you !


Watching parts of the video again, I really like the look (and sound) of the FX bit. Reminded me very much of Native Instruments The Finger which is a quite a fun FX vst.


Typical TE Design touch…if you take the back off to access where the expansion cartridges will go, there is an iPhone stand inside that plugs in to the expansion sockets on the back…so it comes with the iPhone stand expansion fitted :grinning:


How do you get it to change channels on the TV? I dont want to have to go to Argos for a replacement…


Can anyone explain what the midi sequencing capabilities are (re sequencing external synths - do all of the step components and transpose features apply)?


Great work as usual @cuckoomusic :thup:


Thanks @cuckoomusic - I wasn’t really interested in the OP-Z but pre-ordered after your very detailed video.


A screen module seems almost obvious!


I’m not so sure a 1cm x 1cm (or whatever it’d actually be) would do the trick but looks cool!


Yeh but i would actually love to be able to sequence multiple external tracks.
I would love to have 8 tracks of cv/gate to sequence my eurorack.
Also how much external track there is ? i can hook up a cv gate module to it


step components are by far the most interesting thing on this!

I was really impressed by how it looked when using the phone screen, MUCH easier to manage. When cuckoo was trying to explain ‘screen-less’ interfacing with the device, frankly it was confusing as hell.

I can’t help but think about that volume/power knob breaking off really easily.


It actually looks a lot less flimsy than I originally expected; either way if I get one I’d be pretty tempted to “trim” it down a little. It’s a bit strange that they didn’t make it a button for power, but maybe it’s a bit less likely to accidentally activate in your bag/pocket this way.


In scale for a device that small, it looks pretty solid to me. Old Sony vibes.


It’s a lot more solid than it looks.


Just for the interested ones: The OP-Z app is out and looks cute.


Does it work without the remote?


Barely apparently. Just read you can access the manual and play with the camera functionality (not sure what that involves) but really needs the OPZ as you’d expect


Okay. Would have been nice if full OP-Z software was included with the app, but I guess they want to sell those $599 controllers too…