Teenage Engineering OP-Z


A couple of recent videos from the production model.
No display required (but a nice option), sample playback and 6 synth engines (that sound pretty good, as do the FX). Many ‘Elektron’ style sequencing features (dare I say some even seem improved on!) and an option to also drive Midi and CV using that sequencer. I LOVE how small it is (inside suit pocket size, battery that lasts forever) and that you DONT have to have a screen (ipads and iphones are way to distracting!)


If you like making music, I’d suggest considering changing your attitude towards Apple mobile devices. Apple iOS is miles ahead the competition on music making. Ipads are also quite cheap these days.


Probably should have said iPad. I’ve been down that route with a tablet using OSC and building Lemur templates and I just didn’t gell with it like I do a purpose made physical interface. For a lot of the reasons darenager pointed out above. Feels clunky to me. May have been my kids Cheerios and dried cheese stuck to the screen though. Who knows.


This is true, I have an iPAD Pro and iPhone X and all the usual suspects (cubasis, gaget, groove rider etc) but I still think there is space for instruments like this; you could argue there is no need for an Elektron box or any hardware synth at all if you have a Computer, but some how it is not the same.

I recently got a MS Surface Tablet and now run Bitwig Studio with plug ins like Diva, Omni 2, Avenger etc…this has replaced my ‘iPAD’ music making for the most part and I am realy happy with it, but it is still staring at a computer screen…

I like the idea of a truly pocket sized device like this despite having stuff on my iPhone…when I get my phone out I start checking texts and emails, music never seems to happen! Discipline I guess, but I love the idea of this device ‘as well’ as phones and tablets…the fact that my phone/ipad screen can work with it is just a bonus…


OP-Z playing MPC Live samples over Bluetooth (adds p-locks/step sequencer to MPC?)


Couldn’t tell if any of the sounds came from OPZ but pretty cool that Bluetooth was working.



Answers a lot of questions, poses a lot of new ones! Looks like full ‘synth engines’ (and sample packs) will be downloadable (over Bluetooth) from the App! I recognise a few of them from the OP-1 I think…

It has plenty of complexity/capability, a realy great pocked sized music machine!


This OP-Z Mega Tutorial - Level 1 is everything :rainbow:

So many thoughtful, and frankly brilliant design decisions were demonstrated in the video, it was a bit overwhelming at times. I had a feeling the OP-Z would turn out great. But I didn’t know the internal sequencer was going to be this freaking great. And this is only the Level 1 video.


Can you list some of them? I watched a bit of that video but it didn’t manage to hold my interest long enough to catch the brilliance…


I liked:

It really is powerful and pocked sized- the OP-1 was just too big to be thrown in your jacket pocket- so big that you may as well have your laptop or iPAD- this is a different league in terms of portability…

Clever use of LED colours and intensity for feedback- using it without a screen seems very possible.

It sounded really good, at least as good as the OP-1, I suspect it has the same engines (a couple ;looked familiar when the iPAD graphics went up)

Different tracks can be of different lengths AND run and differing speeds/time signatures. Polyrhythm heaven!

P locks and polyphonic tracks with P Locks- 16 easily selected locks that can be combined (ramp up then random and repeat on 1 lock for example) to create some pretty cool stuff (possibly more advanced than Electron in some ways as their are P locks and ‘functions’)

Real time patter link and play mode (for live pattern linking) easy to switch/alter links.

Looks like different synth engines and FX can be simply downloaded from the App to the hardware…

App looks really cool and offer ‘iPhone’ or iPad sized screened that can visualise the hardware and control the hardware with touch…

New plug in modules will add more functionality- we will definitely be able to sequence hardware over midi and CV…(announced) and rumours are of a full blown sampler as well


Thanks, some of that does seem interesting. I guess I need to try to watch the video again…


Forgot trig ‘preview’ - you can audition complex multiple trig’s before you apply them.

Of course you can sequence lights and multimedia (unity) as well, but for now that’s a bit overwhelming for me, I am just concentrating on the amazing sequencer and cant wait to sequence CV with it…

You can really see the development work and thought that has gone in to this, given TE’s pretty outstanding record for updating and adding to the OP-1, I can see this developing in to quite a beast with the ability to easily add more features, engines and even hardware!


Some more as I said, it is thew sequencer that intersts me!)

‘‘Dual layer sequencing where the first layer is a traditional 16 step sequencer, while the second layer adds variation per cycle, note variation, micro sequencing, direction, parameter changes, re-trig’s and much more, all on just one single step. There are 14 components sorted into 3 groups: triggers, note variations and specials. all 14 components have 10 values and behaviour programs. the product of all this is that you have 140 ways to alter just one single step’’

Advanced ‘triggers’ include make 1 step 4 steps long!, Reverse pattern trigger…add a ramp up, down etc (combing triggers to make new unimagined trigger conditions including random)

Track speed settings go all the way down to one sixteenth of normal speed or 256 programable steps on one single track!

Program a sound by trigger, step record (cool!) or live record (which indicates how far off quantised you are and you can nudge or quantise)

This is a powerful sequencer!!!


Such an understatement. I think competition is good, and there are so many clever ideas to be learned from the OP-Z. I look forward to the trickle-down effect that may bear fruit from other instrument makers, both in hardware and software. You best believe Elektron, et al are scribbling down notes furiously as they play catch up, and will hopefully come up with something that may appeal more to musicians who prefer their approach. All in all, there’s never been a better time than now for electronic musical instruments.


Great video from @cuckoomusic

Best I’ve heard of the synth engines to date and really like that app integration.

Looks better than I expected it to be. I still think the UI would drive me crazy but keen to see how others get on as this gets out into the public.

Have TE made any noise of an Android app release yet?


Cuckoo’s latest video is quite informative, but I wish he’d issued a series of shorter videos like Marc Doty, or at least put up an index with quick links like Loopop. 1 hr. 32 min. is a lot to sit through if you have specific questions.


Could’ve spent the last 90 minutes watching Robocop 2 or Die Hard, but instead spent it watching Cuckoo’s OP-Z -video. No regrets.


Best comment ever! Would be a perfect T-shirt, this quote :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


I love this machine. Looking forward to seeing it grow over the years to come!