Teenage Engineering OP-Z


I don’t really know what this is all about. I have an OP-1 and in my experience, even after a full charge, after a week or two sitting there it’s back down to 1 led of power.


In my experience the LED was pretty meaningless. 1 light could last me weeks.


It’s a good idea to calibrate the battery indicator of the op-1 from time to time. To do this, you have to use it until the battery is completely drained and the op-1 goes off. Leave the power button in the ‘on’ position and plug the op-1 into a power socket until it is completely charged (leave it on the whole time while charging). This should fix the battery indicator problem.


I just measured this… and interestingly, using the mk1 Lightpad block and the NOISE app on an iPhone 8, latency is ~45ms with the block, and ~65ms using the touchscreen of the phone… 45ms for me is only just noticeable, and that may have been some latency from the NOISE app itself, but I think that’s a pretty low amount of latency. I’ll test it using Max when I get the time.

edit: using Equator on macOS 10.13.6 I’m getting ~48ms from the Lightpad block and ~65ms using my macbook pro’s touchpad. Equator is set to 11ms audio latency. So… bluetooth appears to have less latency than the actual wired controls…? Strange.


cool, thanks - seems like its come a long way since the last time i used BT

thats good to hear


I think the past few years Bluetooth performance has got better, I notice quite a few manufacturers are adopting Bluetooth midi, not sure if Bluetooth audio is quite good enough for performance yet though? It would be great to eliminate all the cable clutter and have Bluetooth or a similar protocol to handle sync, midi and audio, but I suppose there are challenges like interference, temperature and other factors to overcome before it could truly replace cables, maybe?


I think codecs like AAC and aptX-HD/aptX Low Latency are pretty good in terms of latency, probably around the same as the MIDI latency I reported above. I use Bluetooth headphones with the AAC codec on my macbooks and latency isn’t an issue. That said, I haven’t tried to make music using Bluetooth headphones, so that’s another test I’ll probably run in the future.


Let them finish working on OB2 first ^^


i read an interview with Dave Smith about 10 years ago, and that is exactly what he was talking about as the next “big thing” in audio… everything wireless…


At first I was thinking of the OP-Z as a bit like a miniature Digitakt, with a possibly funkier sequencer, OP-1-esque synths, no GUI, no need for power wires, likely add-on costs for midi but extreme portability.

But maybe it is closer to a Novation Circuit? GUI-less, import samples rather than actually sample, onboard synths (OP-Z has way more tracks to be fair), no need for wired power. Though the Circuit has trs midi…

Just an idle thought as I try to de-gas myself.

OP-1 is still the coolest portable noodle thing ever, but the OP-Z as a TV remote sized Digitakt is a dangerous concept for my wallet. Better I think of it as a slimline Circuit to keep myself in check…


Sorry for your wallet, but it is definitely this.


I think the OP-Z was designed specifically for be-suited business folk stuck on commuter flights, but discreetly not wanting to reveal their inner music nerd.

People will see you punching away on what looks like a headless calculator and just conclude you are diligently rushing through an audit of some sort, checking the numbers.


I admit when I ride the commuter train, the sight of someone in a business suit having a play on Nintendo Switch or something of the sort puts a smile on my face. I’ve only seen one person sitting with a laptop running a DAW.

I agree with whoever said the OP-Z is a super-powered Pocket Operator, being an owner of two POs.


I’m pretty hyped for this. At the moment I commute to work about 3 hours total a day. Anything that I can carry in my bag/pocket(that’s not a touchscreen) with sample capability is perfect. So yeah I guess put me in that music nerd going to work category.


What’s wrong with a touchscreen?


I think the BYOS idea is ok with me, although it probably would be better if it wasn’t just Apple devices, personally I have an Apple phone which I can use with it, although I will probably only use the screen some of the time, when it is required.

The pocket operators are pretty capable with their rather simple and not super informative displays and plenty of other gear that I use do not have screens either - x0x stuff, Volcas, Monotribe, Boutiques etc - ok they are not as deep as the OP-Z but from what we have seen so far, it looks like the LEDs do an ok job of showing what is going on.

The Deluge works great without a screen also FWIW, just a case of suspending the belief that a screen is a requirement and getting on it with it, it is surprising how quick you learn and retain the various function operations and shortcuts.

Touchscreens for me are (often) not great for a lot of gestures, I think they can be fine for certain things and if combined with physical controls like on for example the Toraiz SP-16 they can be useful, but on their own in most cases I find them too imprecise and a bit clunky, although it depends a lot on the overall UI. But despite having fairly good manual dexterity I pretty much avoid using touchscreen interfaces for music, I gave up on the concept of the iPad as a musical instrument a good few years back after buying tons of apps and realising that I simply don’t enjoy the touchscreen experience, of course it depends on the app and the user though, but I prefer buttons, faders, pots, encoders, joysticks, keys, pads and ribbons any day.


I get where you’re coming from but I can see a lot of folk growing tired of the OPZs UI pretty quickly.

I’m sure it’ll be capable of an awful lot but when having to fanny about with those tiny buttons to get the most out of it it’ll no doubt drive some mental.


Have you used Korg Gadget? It continues to amaze me how well it works on a touchscreen. It also supports both iphone and ipad.


Ok now I’m in trouble


//// gas alert ////
I’ve been saving for a Digitone, now that I can finally buy one the OPZ’s date is announced… Currently I am holding on to see the videos from the first batch, I feel like the OPZ might be surprisingly fun companion for my Digitakt… Do you guys think they both could go well together? I need something that can handle the melodic contents with depth in flexibility, and small (I am running currently a battery power busking setup)… (big downer for me is that I have no apple devices and I pretty much don’t like the brand at all)