Teenage Engineering OP-Z


I guess I was hoping that one of the beta users may have given it a shot. The manual should be out soon enough, though.


It can send and receive program changes. Also it’s a midi host, provided you have the proper cables/adapters. For example, I have a USB-C male to USB-A female dongle. Digitakt USB plugs right in to send and recieve midi. No middle man needed.


until people actually try to use it and discover the baked in 1000+ms latency…

ok maybe not a second, but its noticeable enough to be markedly different


Cool, thanks! My idea was to use it to try to make up for the DT/DN’s lack of song mode by having it push out PC messages appropriately. That wouldn’t be my only use for the OP-Z, obviously, just one that I thought would be cool. :slight_smile:


That is so cool.


First week of beta testing yields an ep :grinning:


I wonder if TE will release an OS update for OP-1 that improves its MIDI implementation, to go hand in hand with the OP-Z release! (I’m just in love with the idea of those two machines connected with a single USB cable, working together. I think they could be wonderfully complementary.)


Since the OPZ is a USB host then I think what you’re saying should work even without an update.


Yes! Except the MIDI implementation is kinda crap on the OP-1. Can’t control much. You can use a MIDI machine in the LFO slot but it’s limited (and you lose the LFO!)


I didn’t realise Digitakt already has a USB host chip in it.
Changing cable ends won’t achieve this alone. What are you plugging the Digitakt into that works like this?


Noo, the OP-Z can be host :slight_smile:


ahh, that’s good news. So it can also plug directly into the OP-1 then without a middleman.


That’s what I’m led to believe by one of our resident beta testers <3


You will need the proper cord or adapter, but yes! I’ve tested with DT, DN and OP-1. I’m using a USB-c male to USB-a female adapter.




I dig it! Other recordings I’ve heard make it sound like a chiptune machine, so it’s nice to hear something different.

Being a USB host also makes the OP-Z a bit more interesting.

I must have missed it, but I take it the patterns can be chained a la the fabled song mode?


It’s got pattern chaining just like the pocket operators and I believe patterns may be able to changed via midi but I’m not sure how :confused:


Thanks. I meant to say “chained” not “changed” but I’m glad you caught it, lol


Latency is pretty low on the Roli Blocks, so I imagine any Bluetooth MIDI implementation on the OP-Z would be similar.


some people consider 500ms to be “pretty low”… some people dont… but im interested in knowing the actual precision involved here - so if you want to share some numbers that would be great, because ive never found any bluetooth MIDI that was particularly responsive when compared to local MIDI…

bluetooth works fine for tweaking, cueing, etc… but not for live playing IMHO, and of course YMMV