Teenage Engineering OP-Z


I’ve had my beta unit since Friday and maybe used the app for 5 minutes. It’s very intuitive with just the LEDs. Don’t let lack of iOS devices stop you


Your confidence is encouraging! I should just watch some videos already.

Forgive me if this has been asked before or you’re not allowed to spill the beans - but is there any sort of mono or stereo input for live external recording/sampling? The mic is nice for sure, but a proper input is where some real work can get done.

(I guess I shouldn’t discount that mic, actually - the extreme portability and long battery life mean that this could be very viable as a portable field recorder/sampler along with everything else it can do)


No sampling on the unit but you can load samples of your own


I keep going back to this again and again and can’t help but notice the labels ‘oplab’ and ‘ZM-1’. I wonder if the OP-Z will ship with this module, or if this may be something one will have to purchase separately… Also, what other sorts of modules TE may have up their sleeve.

Either way, I think it’s kind of cool that the spirit of the ‘oplab’ lives on.


From what I’ve read, I’m 99% certain it won’t ship with the unit and will be the “first module coming later in 2018”. Don’t think anyone has a clue about potential additional cost these modules will be.


Any talk of memory or sample time?


I don’t think it’s very clear , if I bought an opz today , looking at some of the videos , would I get these outputs ?

There s no info on what these cost either ( if they are separate )
But it’s a good way to get the price low ,
It’s like making a phone and charging extra for headphone socket , but not telling anyone if it’s needed , or how much it might cost.

Advantage is if you don’t care about cv , you don’t pay.
In the photos , they don’t show yellow bits on the back of the device , but there is a cv and trig channel .

I hope they clarify things soon , especially if anyone who has pre ordered are assuming it’s part of it.
And if their normal price for extras is anything to go by , it’ll be expensive. I’d speculate €99+ , as this is the internet and its fun to speculate with no evidence of anything .

Zm1 - cv gate
Zm2 - multi outputs ?
Zm3 - laser harp / d-beam ?
Zm4 - breath controller ?
Zm5 - makes a nice smell
All completely made up.


Thanks for chiming in and giving us some answers to the things that haven’t really been advertised.

Could you let us know about the audio output capabilities? Is there an “album” recorder a’la OP-1, or better yet, any way to export multi-track audio from the OP-Z?

Or is it only what comes out of the 1/8" stereo jack?


At the moment, there’s a feature that allows you to “bounce” a project, which creates an audio file of your patterns, just one pass. Some other stuff will likely be developed I’m guessing. No word on said stuff yet though.


Maybe mentioned already but seems the user manuals now online… Linky below



Does it also record the video performance inside of the app?


No, but that would be cool!


New iOS makes doing screen-recording video really easy, so perhaps that’d be the best way anyway.


it has a trigger channel , but its only sending triggers out to a device that is doing all of the rendering / video stuff.

its not doing any video stuff itself , its all ios .
and i doubt it has video / hdmi in and video encoders or any way to play them back out .


It looks like the quick guide is up but not the whole manual. I’m not sure I understand why they’re being so cagey about certain things. Maybe it’s not done.


Maybe they’ve learn’t it’s better to say to little rather than to much :grinning:


From the guide:

you have learned the basic fundamentals of audio sequencing with OP-Z. to understand all of the OP-Z’s functions, please read the rest of the manual carefully.

‘the rest of the manual’ :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not much, but at least the link works. I carefully saved the guide as a pdf due to the poor color contrast on their site and read it for my amusement.


I haven’t seen a whole lot of details related to its MIDI sequencing capabilities. Does anyone know if it can sequence Program Change events? That could be useful in conjunction with the DT/DN. I’m guessing not since you can only do so much without a screen, but I had to ask. I know you’d need a USB host of some sort since it doesn’t have a hardware MIDI out.


One can only speculate on the details of the MIDI capabilities, since that part of the manual hasn’t been published yet.

I think the OP-Z will continue to challenge my pre-conceptions of, “you can only do so much without a screen”. Maybe the OP-Z will allow Program Change events? Maybe. That would be great.

The ZM-1 ‘oplab’ module prototype appears to have MIDI/CV out, so the hardware is there… if the firmware/iOS software is there. But I may be misinterpreting the photo.


I foresee Bluetooth MIDI becoming more of thing. People buying wireless adaptors for their old gear.