Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Me either, not interested at all.

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i can’t wait for this thing! never spent time with the PO series but the OP-1 is an absolute monster. i like the dedicated step keys / step component aspect of the sequencer in the OP-Z.

TE stuff isn’t for everyone, but anyone who have owned a unit for a prolonged period of time knows that it’s tough to replicate the way you music with them with devices from other companies. OP-Z looks like it will do the same :slight_smile:

Wow, it got posted here while I was out buying a pack of Fisherman’s Friend :slight_smile: Efficiency!
I thought this place was all like Digitakt these days, hhehe :wink: Great to see OP-Z enthusiasm here too!

I think the sequencer is solid. It works really well. And once you get the workflow into your head + fingers, it’s not any more difficult to work with than most other sequencers. But before you get it into your head + fingers, it probably looks cryptic to many, and will probably have some people shy away with the lack of a screen… Then the iOS screen comes in handy.

When I made this tutorial, I had 2 days of practise. From zero experience, and no screen, to starting to shoot the video. I think if you’re used to an Elektron, you have the ability to get comfy with the OP-Z really well too.


Maybe I should give a P.O a try some time. I dig volca sample so maybe I’m judging the size of those and the op-z too harshly. Just always looks kinda fiddly/gimmicky to me. Might grab one some point and educate my opinion :wink:

You really should try one out. They’re cheap enough! The 10 series have been a very integral part of my set up since they came out. They are highly usable in practice!


This should be half the price of the OP-1 IMO. Half the size half the price! See how my logic works :grin:


Wow thanks Cuckoo!
What an honor to be able to demo an early unit!
Seems to be another amazingly unique musical tool from TE, just stand alone you are able to get things swinging (once you get the key combos going) imagine what the video aspect has to offer…
Great sequencer!

Ha ha… glad you don’t price it in weight. Then you’d like it even cheaper. This thing is light weight!

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Great demo , lots of very good interface ideas and it’s so tiny.
It’ll be good when hooked up the screen to see / learn those parameters

Price ? , please be £400 to £500
And maybe curve the corners a little , and release different colours.
A red one would be nice

Well even if the development effort has been similar, this having no OLED and no chunky aluminium frame should make a big difference to the manufacturing cost base. Let’s see. I’d hope around £250 but suspect more like £350-£400.


What are the connectivity options with the other TE devices can we sync to OP or PO? Any midi available?

How long before we get an under arm holster for it?

I know what you’re thinking, did I make 6 tunes or only 5?
Do you feel lucky punk?


I’m not sure why have been officially announced yet in terms of connectivity. The official list of tracks includes midi and cv+trig, light, motion. (The last four tracks that I didn’t show.)

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Looks cool but the size of this thing would drive me mental. Never got on with the Volca’s for example.

Does the yellow volume knob fold in? Looks like something to snap off in a rucksack.

I’m interested though, looks fun, though not fond of those clicky buttons.

The Digitakt is a mere distraction as I bide my time for the OP-Z. I’m super stoked on this thing. It’s so many levels of genius all at once.


I’ve got and will never let go of my OP-1 but never really fancied any of the accessories but looking at this cute little slab fills me with desire for little slot-in knobs for those encoders…

This thing will be divisive like the OP-1 and just as ‘a little bit farking brilliant’…

Truly fizzed up I am!

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Dont worry about the screen they have people covered it actually connects to an iphone or ipad for visual feedback. Cuckoo s music in the demo doesnt really reflect what this box is totally capeable of he usually does tutorial type videos and tbf he does give lots of information about products to the point of extensive.

Thanks cuckoo just waiting on news of the OP 2 :dark_sunglasses:

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lol- way more comments here than Operator-1

Elektronauts community is thriving!!

Step compenents are really powerful. pity the LEDs aren’t a different colour for those steps with components applied, I think this is where the screen would come in handy, esp, with multi track, multi step component madness going on.

Hey @cuckoomusic , are they soft rubber buttons we are looking at in the video?

So happy TE have decided to make :cb_m::cb_o::cb_r::cb_e: synth!!!


DT controlling OP-Z and possible vice versa is going to be a dope little setup!!!