Teenage Engineering OP-1


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Behringer OB-1, coming soon. RRP £299.



Can we please just focus on the Op1! Here’s something positive:


I definitely fall into the camp of thinking that an overpriced bit of kit is now way overpriced but I’m willing to change my mind (maybe).

I borrowed 1 a few years ago while in hospital and it was fun but I found the workflow cumbersome and the graphics better than the sound.
I’ve always been baffled as to why people love the thing so much (other than it being cute) but figure there’s usually no smoke with out fire so…

…could anyone point me towards the OP-1 being utilised in some high level projects?


Wait, what was that??? :stuck_out_tongue:


Have TE confirmed they shat in our cornflakes?


First off, people incessantly complaining really look like they’re mad bc now they can’t afford one. While I fall into that category, I have some pride. And no I don’t like the hike either.
Bigger point about irony, how TE said no one should pay xxxx prices which is what they are charging…
Well, the hike is having another negative effect; it has emboldened 2nd hand sellers! Now they are already selling used for close to the new price. Shame

My final take is some things should probably just be left to die. This will definitely put a negative mark on TE. But with so many more cheap options than when the OP-1 first came out, the consumer really has very little to complain about, all things considered.


after using the op-z for a few days I started to remember what I loved so much about the OP-1 and it got my mouth watering again for it’s lovely oled screen and keyboard feel.

learning more specifics about the part sourcing/re-adaptation of the design to accommodate the new screen and the overall increase in costs also lessens some of my disappointment.

I think units will sit on store shelves long enough to have some stock available for sales/promotions. if it was about 150-200 USD cheaper I think many more people will bite (including me ^__^)


If Moog came out with a single osc synth with nothing but a button and two through hole Alps pots in a pedal box, manufactured in the US for $2000 people would be rejoicing at the ‘build quality’ ‘tradition’ and ‘timeless value for money’…


blast from the past…


This is probably my favourite:


just a hidden iter filter/synth that someone found few years ago. Think it’s in the op1 from release, but they never deleted the code. You can download the iter filter patch aiff file somewhere and put it in op1, then you can play with it!

I really hope TE will bring a new synth engine or fx like a real multiband vocoder, would be supercool


Could all these youtube video be considered as free advertising for TE? I wouldn’t help them sell too much of these after this price hike, unless they are willing to share the dough…



true, and they’d be right. I love Moog and the artists there that design and make those instruments (their tour is really special)! Also I love TE and the OP-1, OP-Z and my favorite device at the moment the PO-33!


Yeah, it’s free advertising. Actually after watching this one you’ll have no choice but to buy 5 of them


I noticed that stores aren’t carrying them so far and just the TE online shop. I wonder what their margins are. Like, what’s the cost price of one op-1, in other words what does a vendor pay for one? Or how much did they pay in the past? The answer to that could really answer a lot of the pricing arguments.


Why does it have to be used in a high level product?

There are some out there, IMO, even a lot of beats in the Op-1 beat battles impress me. It might take work, but that is part of the fun. I made the music. Not the machine. I took the challenge head on. & gained a lot of skill in the process.

Even as a training tool it could do wonders.

I love the Op-1 because I have a shit load of fun playing it. I get lost in it. I get creative. I experiment. My favorite is to combine it with other gear… I already mentioned that though. I think of it as a sound design tool. A bring anywhere you want & play with it, creative machine.

Personally I make music because I love to do it.

I have a feeling a lot of Op-1 owners feel the same.

They are enjoying themselves.

Too be honest I haven’t found a single demo of the Op-1 synths I liked. But in my hands, I make the synth sounds I like.

At the same time, for the first few years I knew about the Op-1, I didn’t see the appeal at all. I thought it was maybe worth $500. But I was ignorant.

Not saying everyone that thinks it’s overpriced is ignorant. It just means it’s not for them… or not for them at that price.


I’ve had two and sadly sold them.
I agree with you mostly but your point about who not what is also important. The fact is, with the same money (especially now!!), I could get SO much more.
I’m pissed bc even 2nd hand models are now selling for over a grand which is too much for me knowing what else I could get with that money.