Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler


He means the mini version of tonic (sound 16) on the PO-35 Speak. That one is only 1 voice.


Welp, I put some well loved gear up on the Bay to fund this purchase. So stoked to spend time in the woods making leaf crunch and twig snap boom bap


Just ordered one tonight after reading through these posts


Congrats! Might I trouble you for the name of that shop in London? I just moved to London and have been looking for a local synth shop.

Thanks in advance!


Really? It has a definite lo-fi sound on my unit, bass drums for example sound drastically different, I quite like it’s character though, but I’d prefer to be able to dial it in as and when required. It makes the Volca sample sound like a high end machine in comparison :rofl:


Sure. Wunjo Keys on Denmark St. Great bunch of guys and awesome selection of gear!


I love this thing. So quick to get something original going. I’m gonna take it out on my lunch break sometime in the next few days and make some minimal tech/idm from construction sounds :smiley:

Yeah, I noticed this last night when I was getting my setup together for my next video—PO-33 sampling 0-coast. I made some massive kicks on the 0-coast, and then when the PO-33 sampled them they became quite thin. Having said that though, when I made the kick higher and shorter on the 0-coast, then pitched it riiiight down on the PO-33, it became much thicker, especially when used with the filter. It’s gonna be very interesting for my sound design experiments!


Cool idea on the construction sounds! I find setting in and out points a bit of a pain for drum kits, I can’t seem to find a way to get them all mapped correctly across the 16 buttons automatically, alway needs tweaking and due to the imprecise controls a bit challenging. Still, it is a fun fun sampler even with its quirks.


A hip hop beat I made yesterday on the PO 33 with the built in mic.


Yeah, I’ve noticed this as well, would be better if the knobs had a “catch” mode like on the nord modular, where the knob doesn’t do anything until it crosses the point where the parameter is set… but other than that I’m very happy with it.


I’ve only sampled my own voice so far, no idea what bassdrums sound through it. But 8bit mulaw will obviously not be ideal for that kind of sounds, artefacts are bound to happen.


Awesome! Thanks.


Does anyone have any experience with the CA-X cases?

I absolutely love my PO33 and 35, so much so that I’m keen to pay the extra £70 if the cases are good enough.

The PO35 is my favourite toy of the year so far!


Just buy the cases - totally worth it if your committed to the units. Main benefits I see over obvious protection:

A) stops them powering up from standby and playing in your pocket so often as the buttons need a firmer press through the case
B) stops them snagging on stuff (like pockets) as all the sharp edges and protrusions are rounded off with the Case

I bought my first CA-x Case for the po-32 as that’s when I finally fell in love with the format. Got it on sale in the bargain bin at Selfridges of all places - so worth shopping around as they are a bit pricey. Also if your buying a few cases at once, someone like Juno will do you a decent discount, even on 2.


Question on the CA-X case: I know that there’s a little hole for the microphone, but is there a cavity dug out of the silicone for it? Wondering if I can use a 10 or 20 series case just for transport/gigging without damaging the mic.


My KO is riding bareback today (and living dangerously) can check my CA-X for the mic dugout later as it’s currently keeping PO-32 extra warm and snuggly at home.


Yep, IMO the PO metal series blows my previous units (Office, Arcade, Robot) and the Korg Volca series out of the water.

The vocoder sounds on the PO35 are actually usable, for £85! Plus Microtonic! Never gonna throw the thing away.


This instrument is so @cuckoomusic.
It is basically designed for him :sweat_smile:


Another video… couldn’t help but pull out the 0-coast and make some sounds for the PO-33 to use.


Man, every time I see a PO with the hanging tag still on I just want to snap it off :rofl:

Re the cases, I prefer using them in the case, I don’t think there is much difference as I find them quite fiddly to use either way, but perhaps the case slightly improves the feel, certainly they look much nicer in cases I think and obviously are a lot more robust if you accidentally dropped it etc.