Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler

Overview Video Here

Potentially the most interesting of the Pocket Operator line yet, for me… a sort of pocket microsampler, with both line-in and built-in mic, parameter locking with 16 effects, and 40 seconds of sample memory. Some of the base functionality of the Digitakt, for $89. Not bad!

I can immediately see some potential problems with the UI, particularly in needing two thumbs (or at least two fingers of one hand) in order to record (making it harder, for example, to play a synth into the line-in at the same time), plus no sample editing after the fact to correct false starts or get to tasty sections of the sample.

Still, it’s pretty damn cool to think that it’s pocketable, so the ideal use case I’m seeing for it would be using it as a quick field recorder when you’re out and about, then cutting up bits and pieces of the environment around you into drum sequences, Katie Gately style. Like most of these tiny gadgets, a lot of the inspiration comes from working within the limitations.


Instabuy for me!


I ordered it without hesitation. Love the split sections for melodic and drum that differentiates between pitched playback and sliced playback. Really useful!


Never been into pocket operators but the sampler one is kinda interesting. Doesn’t the “case sold separately” thing annoy anyone else? It’s not like it’s an additional accessory, it’s literally the outside of the device


I don’t have it on the POs I have. Never missed it.

Ordered both right after watching a few videos, these are my first PO’s, they look really amazing/useful/fast

I had the initial trio (sold them recently), and the lack of a case didn’t really stop me from using them in any way. But I just ordered the PO-33 with the pro case, because IMO it really does add to the experience and polish of these units. I like that you can decide what’s right for you.


Hmm, it just seems weird considering how mad everyone is for decksavers and dust covers and these are straight up exposed circuit boards with bare tact switches for input. Obviously different strokes for different folks. Fair enough if people are into it, I just don’t get why. I know the price point is low but I don’t think that means they should exclude the sub-$5 body of the device and charge $35 for it. I think it’s just a bit of a forced quirk more than a money grab though, cause who else would do that


i just ordered both , they’ll produce a lot of sample fodder due to their own fx, voice processing types etc…and another built in tonic style drum machine to work alongside my main one.

Yeah I don’t have any deck savers, Ive got a little feather duster in my studio though which is probably even less cool. Does the job though. I think the case would be necessary for me, half the sell is the fact you can keep it in your pocket. I’m pretty set for portable sampling though as is. I just can’t help but take notice when samplers come out, love em

I was never really interested in the PO series, but I love samplers so will likely give this a try. The effects sounded great in the demo I heard. I think it could be fun to pair with the Digitakt.

When is the release date?

Awesome. I go on a two week business trip from Feb 11. If they are released here in Japan before that I’d love to take it on my trip.

After looking through the guide, this thing appears more sophisticated than I thought - every recording in drum mode is sliced up into 16 slices, which are triggerable by pressing the 1-16 buttons. Then you’re also able to trim the sound: “in trim mode turn A to set the start of the sound, turn B to set the length of the sound. in the drum section each slice can be adjusted individually. the last triggered slice will be adjusted.” That’s pretty neat, and gets around some of my criticisms in the first post.

Also, you can tweak the sound with pitch, volume, high-/low-pass filter, and resonance.


I’m GASing for this and an Sp404sx to have as my portable battery powered hardware sampling playground. Both w built in mics. Soooooo cool! But gonna have to wait until I pay off the maxed out credit card :wink: (feel like the guy in the meme standing there watching a mechanic point out problems with his engine and in his thought bubble is a synth)


If you were going to pair one other PO 33 would it be the PO 32? Is the micronic bundle essential for the PO32 or would it be possible to get away standalone?

I enjoyed the @cuckoomusic vids on YouTube. Good work sir !!


I actually don’t really have much in the way of percussion synthesis. So maybe this would be a good one to add.

I’m excited to bring these during travel time to start tracks with! There’s a part in cookoos YouTube video where he slows down the speed on not the PO 33 but the speak one and it goes into drone/wavetable synth

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the fact that this has line in sampling has me thinking its not long before some pocket operator effects units


Instabought. My only doubt was line-in sampling and I bought it anyway - appreciate that video above confirming it’s got everything I need. I’m salivating thinking of a workflow with this, a pair of headphones, and literally anything that makes a sound (I’m thinking volca FM).

@jefones effects units are a great idea! I’d love to replace my battery-hungry miniKP with one of these beauties.