Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler


Wait… So, how many sounds can you fit in a Tonic ?


I don’t have one, but I believe it’s 4 voices spread over 16 sounds + morph


In a way it’s sort of 32 sounds, 16 at A, 16 at B and morph between them, but yes 16 accessible at one time.

Voices arranged in choke group per column. So a sound in column 1 will choke any other sound in that column, in effect 4 choke groups.


So you can only load 16 sounds at a time?


Yep, same as when you load a preset from Microtonic.


They’re Pocket Operators. By design, one PO won’t do it all. But I will feel beat complete with the PO-32 tonic and the PO-33 k.o! together.

Having four channels on the PO-32 makes it so much more playable. I like being able to mute tracks and choke sounds on the fly. I hope the PO-33 is just as jam-worthy.


If you don’t plan on buying microtonic would you say two 33’s > a 32/33 combo?


It might be worth downloading the microtonic and bitspeek vsts as they have a trial period if you want an idea of how some of the POs sound.


If you buy PO32, you should buy Microtonic. It expands it into a really amazing and versatile drum machine. It’s a fantastic combination and well worth the money. It would be too limiting without it, IMHO.

I just bought PO33 and 35 yesterday. I need to spend more time with them, but my first impression is that PO32 + Microtonic is still the strongest PO and also one of my favorite drum machines of all time.

The initial problem I see with PO33 is that each pattern is only one bar, so you can’t readily loop a phrase more than one bar. It’s still awesome though and I can’t wait to explore it more. The PO33 and PO32 + MT are probably the coolest combination, although the PO35 could turn out to be a surprise powerhouse once I spend more time with it.


Let’s say you have a one bar loop on one pattern. Couldn’t you copy that pattern to another pattern slot, and then chain it as often as you like in order to build up longer bars?


If easily splittable, sure, but one bar is very short and many melodic phrases cross the bar line, so I think it’s easier said than done in many cases unless you are working in some kind of software to prep these loops.

In practical terms, I think it’s best to find material that is suitable to very short cuts rather than to try to use it as an all-purpose sampler. I still think it’s going to be an amazing sampler and I’m excited to work with it.


Just got mine, love it already.

Made a video of it sampling my dogs:

New format for my channel, btw. First time I’ve recorded my face and voice for a video. Hope I did alright. Like/subscribe if you like what you see :smiley:


Diggin’ this video, and the narrators accent. Now I have a clearer idea what the 8-bit sampling sounds like.


KO is 8 bit? News to me! Everything I sampled with it so far sounds rather hifi…


You seem confused about pocket operators. Spec-wise, they’re all veru limited ”toys”. In practice, they are fun & immediate but don’t expect to compare them to more fleshed out instruments. If you really want to use them ”professionally”, then only the 3rd gen POs are anywhere close to that (because of project export/import).


Yep. 8-bit, somebody from TE posted this on Facebook:


ah, mu-law companded audio! That takes me back to the days when I still worked with processing audio for telephone systems…

In any case, it does sound quite clean to my ears, especially considering the specs - well done TE! :diddly:


The PO-32 will let you load new sounds. Just find an audio file with the appropriate data, play it, and let the PO-32 import the data by listening to it via mic. I posted a link to a thread with bunch of use-contributed kits 2-3 times here now.


You don’t need Mcrotonic for PO-32


I could have sworn the 4-voice polyphony on the PO-32 let me play kick and snare at the same step.

But yeah, I think it’s only 16 sound patches at a time.