Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler


Maybe you could answer my question above?


haha I just got it! I’ll probably break it off soon though as I’m not having good luck finding suitable non-TE cases for it.


@hotscience yes there is a small slot for the mic, don’t forget though you can still use line in.

@pselodux ha, as soon as I opened mine that was the first thing I did, like some compulsion to do it :smiley: (same with all the other PO’s I bought)


I pretty much only use the line in anyway, but I’m concerned about damaging the mic if I use a 10/20 series case. Thanks for the reply!


I just compared the cases and the new ones have a slightly recessed slot going across inside which allows clearance for the mic, the old ones do not have it, I would not risk it mate.


Thanks for checking buddy! I’ll just buy a couple CA-X :slight_smile:


Happy to check, wouldn’t want you to damage the little chap!


Put in my order at Sugarwater for dat 33 and the case. They are currently out of stock, hope I’m not waiting for weeks/months!


I too snoozed on the pre-order, but hey it’s only a week or two, etc. If I receive mine before the end of the month, I’ll consider myself fortunate. If it takes longer, I know it won’t be their fault, because they’ll be waiting on shipments from Teenage Engineering, who are also probably going as fast as they can.

Meanwhile, I’m getting more in touch with my SP-303. The more I put into it, the more I get out. With the incoming PO-33 being a byte-sized scenario.


Yeah if I get mine before March I’ll be happy for sure. I have my hands full transitioning from a Boss looper to the Octatrack as a looper right now anyways, but the 33 is definitely exciting me with possibility


Don’t know if I’m missing something but is there a way to turn on a metronome to play something into it live?


I just searched the PO-33 guide and there’s no mention of a metronome. We must all find the beat within. :pray:



I was just watching some Red Means Recording PO walkthrough videos and he begins with step recording a backing track to act as a metronome, then plays live on top.


Is there any way to adjust the input gain via line in?

Just hooked up my iPhone 8+ via headphone adapter + aux cable and the sound was very quiet even on max volume. I can use an interface, but I was hoping for something more on-the-go.


I don’t think there is a way to do that. Stupid question, did you check your iPhone settings to see if volume limit is turned on? I sample from my 6s and I have to the volume at about 50% because it’s loud.


yeh, gainstage from your phone. Make sure the aux cable connection is solid (both channels should hit around the same peaks in the case of centered mono samples). Normalize or add peaklimiting to get more level if needed. Aux cables are notorious for bad contacts, for a number of reasons.


I don’t know about you, but I received notification yesterday that my PO-33 order had shipped from Sweetwater.


Not yet, my rep did tell me that I was at the end of the list cuz I just ordered recently.

He also told me I should be getting mine next week. Good to know they got a batch finally!


You guys in America?

I got mine in UK in 24hrs of ordering. They more scarce in the states?


Anyone on the west coast got theirs yet?

Pre ordered from
Perfect circuit way back and no love :frowning: