Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler


This is a point that is not mentioned enough in the PO discussions I read online.

But it’s a big discussion point whenever I bring the PO-32 tonic to a friend’s studio. Connect it to a mixer, gain stage it, and then boom.

Looking forward to a PO-33 K.O!


The case certainly doesn’t cost $35 to produce, I’m thinking less than 5. Less than that in the quantity they probably produce them. It doesn’t matter anyway, I’ve read people’s opinions on it now and given mine, people are into it, Im just not. If it came with a case there would be nothing stopping people making custom cases and it wouldn’t really bump the price up at all


oh sure, I definitely think they’re marking it up a bit much now maybe. I’m sure they could cut it down now -

I guess launch they had design costs and marketing and whatever to factor in. I think there was a genuine desire to keep the cost of the initial ones as low as they possibly could (and leave it open for people to mod)

I have no idea how many they sell though ( not THAT many I reckon as they made the case for all three new ones the same which suggests they had overstock… probably cos they’re a bit expensive I guess :wink:


Nope. The case design was iterated and revised to make them more interchangeable. The first gen. cases were custom/specific to certain Pocket Operators, which was pretty frustrating if you wanted to take one on the road but only had one case that was designed for say, just the PO-12. That’s why I never bought one until after the PO-32 tonic came out.

Of course, nothing prevents someone from having a case 3D printed to their own specifications. They may even save 5¢ going through all that effort. :wink:


works for them too though. No more cupboards full of the one that didn’t sell as well :wink:


Good luck with your fantasy narrative filled with cupboards of unsold cases. Hope it sells well.


This time next year I could be millionares


Once I realized the cost of the 33 and 34 plus 2 cases is somewhat close to the cost of getting the metal pack (All three with 3 cases) I switched my order to the metal pack and can’t wait to get them. Anyone on here get theirs today?!

Edit: Woops meant 35 not 34


My PO-33 and 35 are out for delivery now! 5.5 hours of work + 45 min commute to go!


With money tight this year I still see a potential metal pack in my future…! If someone ends up selling them through Amazon then instabuy! Got a chunk of vouchers to use!


Mine should arrive tomorrow
Sent last Friday , arrive wed to the uk.


I just had no choice but to order the 33, sure I have ED in my pocket with the sample iap but it’s just not the same.
Can’t wait to go to work on an empty and capture sounds throughout the day…

I have a feeling the 33 could unlock the universe.




I know I’ll get the 35 too at some point but I have to stay strong.
It’s a wonder I only have the 12 so far…

I just think back to Ralf und Florian (Bartos and Flur too) and the dream of the pocket calculator.
It’s just so magical now.
We are lucky.


And the fact that in order to trim your samples you simply have to use your ears and listen is in some ways more liberating that zooming in on a waveform on an OLED display (not there’s anything wrong with that either.)

It’s a battery operated pocket SP-303, but in some ways cooler.


You are bang on there…
Waveform shmaveform.
Listening is a skill.
Chop it by ear, eyes don’t hear.


The best thing about the PO 33 is that it’s essentially all the fun of the OP-1 sampler without having to cart around an £800 bit of gear.

I loved the OP-1 but I’d never take it out and about for fear of scratching the beautiful screen while I was using it.

The metal trinity, however, are going straight into a pencil case for permanent portability.


Pencil case! Good idea- adding to the list of cases to shop for, for storing my POs and their batteries.


my thoughts exactly! The PO-33 ALMOST has me considering selling my OP-1 to fund a Digitone :fearful:


Yep. Same here. The PO32 and the two new ones bring this series to a whole other level.

These POs are the perfect size and form factor for travel and having fun with music out of the house. The calculator look means that even a grown man can sit and have fun with it on the train or plane without looking silly and they take up almost no room, so they are perfect for throwing into a carry-on bag for trips.

I hope they continue to expand the series and push the envelope of what’s capable. As noted earlier, I wish Microtonic had an iOS companion app. I think that’s really the future for pushing the series. A standalone mini hardware device that can leverage the power of a smartphone and the internet for additional capabilities if needed, since most people have a smartphone on them even when they travel.