Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler


I didn’t ecxpect them not to release the OP Z at NAMM… The 33 ended up being a perfect surprise/distraction but still i wonder when they’ll release it


Both the PO33 and PO35 have been dispatched and should be here tomorrow! Can’t wait!


Both videos are dope…
I’m torn on which 2 to get.
Ko looks awesome, tonic is awesome, speak looks crazy and has a tonic engine…


The metal series have genuinely hit it out of the park. They blow the volcas completely out of the water.

Amazing (and genuinely useful) bits of kit for not a lot of money.


One more… because Flat Eric!!


The PO32 with Microtonic is just insane. You’ll love it.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the PO33 and PO35. Hopefully I can cop them soon. :sweat:


Are the samples on the PO-33 all just one shots or is it possible to have sustained short loops, a bit granular like?


In love :heart_eyes:




The first four FX are loopers…

  1. loop 16
  2. loop 12
  3. loop short
  4. loop shorter

FX can be recorded, so there may be some possibilities there.

Sound creation wise, here’s what the super handy online manual has to say…

PO-33 has 16 sounds divided into two sections; melodic and drum. a recorded sound will behave differently depending on which section it was recorded to.
in the melodic section the keys from 1-16 represents a scale, and each key will trigger the whole sound.
in the drum section each key from 1-16 represents a slice of the sound.



Word up to that.

Once @darenager had to go and mention its crunchy 8-bit sampling, I couldn’t deal. That was it. No more hesitation. Order placed. Huzzah!


Got it today! Just playing around with the 33 and trying to figure out its functions and I tried automating the LPF and then improvising fills with the stutter effects, it’s pretty good!


Had a nice long sesh with this last night. It’s almost like a 4 track mini Digitakt. I’m in love!


Looks so insteresting !!
Very nice jam !!


Post something already😎


Both POs just arrived at work. I opened them up and got some funny glances.


https://www.instagram.com/p/Be6fCQbHaSG/ :slight_smile:




When it says it has a tonic engine can you still load new sounds from microtonic, or are they fixed sounds?


Looks like a few EU retailer have em in stock now online. I’ve been bugging my local shop and checking their site everyday hoping they arrive in shops in the states before the weekend :upside_down_face: