Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler


I’m also a big fan of the simple-but-useful “retrig” FX, that’s unfortunately not on the PO-32 (does the PO-33 have it?). It enables to make nice rhythmic variations on a pattern, and it’s fairly easy to go back to the original pattern (if needed) by erasing the FX automation.


yes, indeed! :loopy:

I have to say they really nailed the punch in FX on the PO35… Wish all 3rd gen POs had these!


Do you have a PO-33 as well?


I have all 9 PO’s, except my PO12 broke (the battery clip on the left side snapped off due to wear).

I could imagine one could easily pull off some sort of a gig with just the 3 30-series POs. Best series yet!


PO-33 has retrig on slots 9-16, the “drum” slots.

EDIT: Saw you said retrig FX… has those too!


I think he’s referring to the ”retrig pattern” FX?


PO-33 has that if I’m thinking of the right thing.




You ‘triggered’ this for me…


Same here!

Edit: When Nooice #2 leaves his backpack behind outside the bus. Now THAT was a nooice touch.


Thought I would share another K.O. beat…I feel like I’m playing a video game when I use it, it’s so much fun…beat is 6 bars/sequences - jammin on effects…oh, recorded myself playing into the 404sx & tapped the sx tape echo on the snare here & there (all other effects are K.O.) - sounds used are from my vinyl.


Although this whole thing was done inside the OP-1, the basis for all of the tracks (track 1) is PO-33. Lots of PO-35 in here too.


This is dope. Thanks for sharing.


I’ve been digging your stuff! you have original style man