Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler


THIS IS AMAZING. TE has to cut that check…


Thanks man!!


This is FANTASTIC stuff. I eagerly await the PO-33 guide! (Off the top of your head, are there any sections here you think would be identical for the PO-33?)


I’m wondering if the Volca Mix might be worth checking out as a way to sync a few POs, but being able to run the audio separately. The PO32, PO33 and a Volca Bass or Keys could be a pretty sick little combo.


FYI you can separate the audio from the click track using a TRS splitter cable between each PO. the click track goes to the next PO for synch and the audio can go anywhere (mixer using 1/4" adapter, mini plug and battery operated mixer like Bastl Dude, etc)


this is great! good to hear more PO-only releases… purchased :smiley:


Thanks!! I downloaded yours when you posted it. Really great stuff!


I just realized the Volca Mix wouldn’t work as I imagined anyway, it only has one sync out. That’s good because I really dislike the design so I was reluctant to buy it anyway.


Maybe with this one ?


Wow, I didn’t know that existed. I’ll take a look!


While I’m on this topic, is anyone using the iRig Pro to record your POs on your iPhone? Is there a better option? Also, what software do you use to record, I’d be particularly interested in something with decent effects.

Basically, I have been recording on a little pocket-sized Boss multitrack, but for sake of portability/convenience I’m thinking of moving to recording on the iPhone. Basically it would be for recording POs, guitar, bass, and some Volcas.


Spire studio audio interface is wireless and it sounds wicked ! (Colors compresses and gives stereo imaging to sounds automatically)


Wow, that’s certainly a new take on the multitracker, interface concept. Not the form factor I was envisioning and, based on what I have read, it looks like it might be 1.5x as expensive here in Japan if it hits the market, but I’ll certainly keep it in mind as I look around.

I’d like to hear some non-singer/songwriter stuff to see how it sounds. I’m guessing those are 8-mono tracks, I wonder if the two inputs can be paired to form a stereo track, otherwise the mixing might be a bit weird. I also wish the mixing functions were a bit more feature rich, but if you can export the stems to an app like GarageBand, it probably wouldn’t be a big problem.


K.O. Beat - Bassline is a note off the Volca Kick, melody is a note off the Microkorg, hi hat that sounds like a triplet is actually a single hi hat, timestretched down in the sp404sx like 3 times, turned it into “extra hits”. 6 bars jamming on effects.


Really nice. I dig that.


Thank you! A lot of K.O. love over here so I thought I would share.
I don’t know if it’s the fun factor or what, but I really like this little guy.
There’s just something about it.


I think it has the lowest barrier to sample entry, and therefore I feel free to use it without expelling otherwise useful creative energy stressing about other, more technical nonsense.

How much did it cost? What’s the maximum such and such that it’s capable of? I don’t remember. Too busy playing.


So true!


Looks like @siegef4ce posted his PO-33 guide:

The Complete Teenage Engineering PO-33 K.O! Guide


Just got the PO-35, and seeing as there is no separate thread for it on this board, thought I’d ask here:

Any idea how the constantly rising pitch effect is done on the factory pattern #15? The oitch keeps on raising until it sticks to the highest value. Learning this trick could come in handy…

Also I’m at loss as on how to sequence some of the sounds I can make with the vocal sounds by rapidfiring the legato effect, causing the pitch to eff up like crazy in chiptuney-and=beyond ways…?

EDIT: Reading the manual, seems like it could be the FX #12 ”16 bar buildup” that makes the pitch go up and up?

EDIT2: Ooh, the PO35 has transpose & scale! This is going to be a blast!!

EDIT3: sussed it all out now. Gotta say, goofin around with the FX #12, combined with the transpose and other fx is more fun than a barrel full of monkeys! :rofl: