Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler


Came across this comment on Facebook with a tip for quickly backing up PO-33 audio… reposting but I can’t verify it works or anything.

“get a stereo jack to micro usb otg cable (they are cheap), with it you will be able to dump data directly to a smartphone. Just connect both set the usb mode as sound source and use a recording app. But remember that the jack has to be stereo, mono and trs plugs won’t fit the bill.”


Is it that bad/good? 8-bit on drums should give them good punch. How about synth samples? Does the samples get noisy?


mu-law is a special form of 8bit fwiw


It’s bad/good depending on your opinion. Not everyone will like it, but I like it.


After watching this video and hearing the 8-bit jitter I concluded it´s not for me. I´m surprised TE doesn´t write that it´s 8-bit in the specs. I definitely though it was 16-bit mono. 12-bit would have been much better for getting crunchy drums.


I love the sound of it. I just uploaded this EP today, recorded entirely with one PO-33, no effects apart from a light master:

The strength of the kicks really surprised me; they were sampled from a machinedrum so naturally big/punchy, but it actually carried over to the po-33!


This is awesome @pselodux. I’m really digging your videos and I love that you’re striking when the iron is hot. Keep up the good work!


thanks! Just hit 1k subscribers on youtube :smiley: nice to see it’s slowly picking up.

edit: spoke too soon; still hanging at 999! Youtube app was displaying it incorrectly


I’m digging the hell out of this @pselodux. Almost footwork-ish. To me the PO-33’s lo-fi sound is musically interesting and a special character all its own. It’s best for people to work with it and see what they can do with it on its own terms, instead of feeling like it’s inferior because the specs aren’t what you were hoping for. I’m reminded of how the SP1200’s lo-fi sound was initially a technical limitation of the hardware until people realized that it sounded unique, amazing, and desirable.

How did I end up getting so excited over a sub-$100 pocket gadget?


Dig your vids. Just subscribed. Should hopefully be back at 1k+


Thanks! I’ve been very inspired by footwork over the past year, so elements of the sound are working their way into my projects, slowly :smiley:

This, exactly. As I mentioned in one of my videos, I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time. Of course it’s been possible with iOS apps, etc, but something in the PO format, with actual buttons and controls, is just so much more inspiring. I’m gonna get the PO-35 soon as well, but I think the 33 will be a keeper for me, for sure. It’s pretty much how I’ve felt about the Octatrack ever since it clicked with me.

Thanks, much appreciated!


Agree with its sound being unique and lovely,
Long tailed sine wave bass drums get nice artifacts on their tails almost like a watery lofi reverb sound: it sounds like a few LFOs are at work.


ooh, I’ll have to try that! Most of the samples I’ve loaded onto it have been super short. I think I may have to work on a PO-33 specific sample pack. I’m also tempted to start sharing my backups, maybe advertised specifically as sample packs.


If it would have been the SP1200 specs. (sampling rate & resolution) I wouldn´t have blinked before buy one. Knowing that it´s 8-bit and the artifacts it produces it´s a turn off for me since that is not what I´m looking for even though the form factor, specs and effects are decent. I´ve owned a SIDstation for over 10 year so I know the 8-bit sound quite well. I still think they should write it in the spec. since it has a major effect on the output sound.


Have you used a PO-33 yet?


I have never bought Pocket Operators for their technical specs, only for the marvels they were able to achieve despite them.

They’ll never sound like an SP12 or even an SP-303. C’mon, they’re just Pocket Operators. So when it comes to fidelity, we must manage our expectations accordingly.

Also, for what it’s worth, I understand that based on what you’ve heard the PO-33 is probably not a good fit for you, but it doesn’t sound 8-bit in quite the way that the SIDstation does. Not better, but different.


Alright, I will give it a try.


Oh, I wouldn’t go that far. :slight_smile:

It’ll be around for a while. Listen to some more examples. Take your time.

I will say that this is the most streamlined, easiest to use sampler I have. I think that’s what makes it so fun to program. It’s not like you’re trying to load floppies or anything serious.


I was impressed when I finally watched a video of these things last week and heard how good they do sound…
Just like the real thing, only smaller… :smile:

Edit: I’m not sure which ones they were, probably not this 8 bit sampler


I remember this commercial.

When I was a wee bairn I used to have a collection of die-cast John Deere tractors. And some Corgi stuff too.