Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler


PO only accepts pulse sync, guess you could make it work by sacrificing one track and channel on the DT and hard-panning it


Thanks @muzka and @Anfim , something to think about…

That haq attack video that @hotscience posted gave me GAS


The KO is cool, but the Speak is by far my favourite. The vocal sounds are genuinely usable, especially when they’re sampled straight into my DT.


I really love my 33. Sampled my doumbek, crappy out of tune kalimba and some of my daughters toys, making a cracking glitch hop beat in no time. At first I didn’t like it but I’m obsessed now!


Playing with this little guy all day makes me really pine for the future TE super sampler. I really feel like they could make such a banging full blown sampler with the ease of use and fast workflow of this lil badass


OP-Z maybe!!


It could be possible if you used a sample of the correct type to the PO, but then how would you route the audio, the DT has no seperate outs


Technically it has two separate outs :stuck_out_tongue:


You could use the DIN sync out, build a custom cable and sync box that uses a clock divider to slow the sync pulse down to the PO’s sync speed… I did this for monomachine MIDI out to nanoloop, it worked well.

Some info here:

You’d need to use a different configuration for the clock divider (as it’s something like 24ppqn to 2ppqn for DIN sync -> PO, instead of 48ppqn to 12ppqn for MIDI -> nanoloop) but it’ll still work.


Definitely keeping an eye on that one. If it has some real sampling mojo I’ll start saving up for it! But for now I’m in hog heaven with this lil gangsta


I just order the KO today, pumped for this thing. I love cheap, little music making devices, so much fun. & I can’t believe the features packed into this thing.


Saaaaame. Super next level gadget. I’m in love with it


Thanks very much, that’s the best solution so far. :smiley:


Wait are you Little Scale?


New video:

I can’t get enough of this thing. It’s so fkn cool. All I want is a way to clear the sequence of a specific sound, so I don’t have to go through each sound trying to figure out what’s doing the voice stealing haha.


This little calculator is so good for old school drum n’ bass, the fact the drum channels are monophonic means you can be sloppy with your chops and still nail James brown and the amen brothers!

Jump around if you have the stamina!


Got mine yesterday made like 3 beats and recorded a bunch of stuff. I find that I like it better for just small one shots than longer samples.


I found out to get past the 16 step thing if you chain an empty pattern it’ll allow a longer sample to be played in full instead of repeating.

I’ve been using my micro granny for longer samples. And also using the po-32 for kicks. The 808 that comes with the 32 is perfect <3

But all in all love this little thing. Probably will end up in a lot of my future stuff even if it goes through the OT or DT to get there.


How is the sampling quality compared to the original?


If you want to hear what your original source material sounds like as a rugged-n-rough 8-bit sample, it’s a quick and fun way to go about it.


This might be old news to everyone else but I’ve come up with a workflow I like for making kits out of one-shots (mouth-sounds in my case):

  1. Make sure you have a spare melodic slot.
  2. Record a sample to that slot.
  3. Copy that sample and paste it to a slice in the destination kit.
  4. You can now delete the original spare melodic slot so you can do this again later.

Obviously this tends to eat a bit more sample space than a loop or “sample chain” would. But if you lift your thumb off the record button pretty quickly, it’s generally fine. it’s a lot easier in some cases than making a loop to slice, and it’s pretty immediate. Plus I find trimming easier because the resolution is a bit finer.