Teenage Engeering PO-33 Sampler


I ordered a PO-33 direct from TE and it came to me in California a few weeks back.

Currently I’m loving mine. It hits my sweet spots in a lot of ways. I carry it in my coat pocket and record little pieces of my day. If I overhear an interesting conversation on the street as I’m walking, I take it out and press two buttons, and it’s recording. The other day I was walking on the street and heard a kid ask his mom, “What about the ogre that lives upstairs?” and she said “The ogre that lives upstairs? Oh, he doesn’t have diabetes.” There’s no way I would have captured that gem with a bulkier field recorder, or my smartphone once I open its recording app. The pocketability and immediacy of the PO-33 meant I could.

And then once I record, I can get lost for 30 minutes exploring the rhythmic and tonal possibilities of shaping my samples. I think 99% of the music produced with a PO-33 will be “beats”, but I’m interested in unconventional applications like drone, ambient, experimental, noise, etc. and I think this little thing holds up for playing “outside of the lines”, so to speak. For me the key is accepting that the PO-33 is only the beginning of the process - it’s further sample fodder for my DAW, and then the possibilities are endless.



P.S. Now that I sprung for the CA-X case, I couldn’t do without it. If you’re on the fence, get the case. Especially since you’ll be taking the PO-33 everywhere you go.


Mine should be arriving tommorow. Hopefully before I go to work! I work at a tea house with all kinds of interesting cups and teapots to sample, stoked to bring my 33 up in there!


My Sweetwater order arrived yesterday. I don’t know if it was part of the 2nd or the 3rd batch of orders… but it’s here.


I plan on using it mainly for field recordings too and imagine it will help add a lot of texture to all my projects sitting on my DT/OT.

I have a po-32 and a microgranny and plan on bringing them with me on hikes long rides and traveling for a little portable rig but I agree I think at least for me it’ll be best used to just collect sounds to process later.

I’ve had a micro cassette recorder, a small tascam recorder and of course a phone but I’ve never felt I’ve been inspired to pull them out whenever I hear things I’m hoping the KO will get a lot more use.

Being able to change start/end points, pitch and add efx with something that can fit in ur pocket seems like it’ll fill a much needed void


I’m hoping to use mine mostly as a loop creator for my OT. I will definitely try my hand at a full track using just the 33 though. I’m even on the lookout for pocket tee shirts at the thrift store to help me keep it right at hand at all times


I don’t wear painter pants just for show.


Got my 33 And case today. Dunno why I thought it would have batteries included tho derrrp . Oh well to the store before work then! Loving how the 33 and my little Zoom Lightning XY mic fits perfectly in a lil case I used to use for weed pipes. Carry that and my iPad plus headphones and I’ve got a mini OT food studio!


I wish I knew who made the factory sounds and patterns that shipped with the PO-33 so I could give them credit.

The house shaking bass you can get out of this thing when gain-staged through the mixer might be the thing that gets me evicted… oh well, back to the headphones.


The cheapest I can see the case is £40 with postage. Seems very expensive, is it worth buying at that price ?


You might enjoy this then:

He made some of the factory patterns and interviews the (genius) dev who made the sounds.


If you do not intend to travel with it, the device will work just fine without the case.

Local pricing seems all over the map. I’d shop around before making a decision.

That said, the cases are indeed nice.


Omg, that guy. And the curious pacing of his vocal delivery. I forgot I’d watched this already. Time to enter the breach again.


Yeah I watched that and must admit I didn’t understand anything. Was he trying to say it’s difficult to make presets because of technical limitations ? Err why not just put in some samples? It’s a sampler no…


If I understand correctly, the melodic presets aren’t samples, but little synth engines so they don’t take up much room in the memory like samples would


Is it possible to sync the PO-33 to Digitakt? How is it done?



Maybe use another device that has midi in and sync out like a volca or minilogue?

Then midi from digitakt to volca/minilogue and sync from that to po 33?


Thanks, but unfortunately I don’t own either…

So just DT<>PO is not possible ?


Thoughts on Speak Vs KO? Still on the fence. The weirdness of Speak appeals to me more though.


I’m not sure, was sort of asking that as a question and a suggestion as I’d like to do the same but it’s the only solution I can think of

I don’t own any either so can’t test it