Tasty Chips GR-1 : Hardware Poly Granular Synth


There’s something to be said about the immediate access to all the controls. Also, the user interface looks to be the most ideal for granular.

That being said, this is definitely an indulgence item for die hard granular/hardware fans. It looks like a dream to use, but I can’t afford to sleep.


All true. Granular generally seems to be a fast route to making a lot of music that sounds the same in my experience. But a splash of it here and there is good.


Yeah, I’m having that experience myself with granulator myself. Theoretically, I’m a HUGE fan of granular. In practice, not so much. It’s great to put a bit of spastic atmosphere into a track from what I can tell. But a track BASED on granular? It doesn’t seem like it will have a fingerprint to me.


The good Gaz Williams tried to explore the GR-1

It is not due to Gaz, he does a good job :slight_smile: , but somehow I am underwhelmed by that machine, And I want to like it so much as I like Granular sounds a lot…
Beside having all the knobs and faders the tardigrain IOS app does a lot of that and for far less…
I may try to put my launchpad XL to good use and control tardigrain from there…
But on the other hand, almost everything I throw into tardigrain turns into wonderful dark strings and that is a bit weird and seems to be the same as with the GR-1…
Maybe my understanding of granular is a bit different as I am into wonderful fragmented slowdowns, as the OT can do a bit as well…

Am I the only one who would like to have a 12 or 16 bit polyphonic Microgranny aka as BigGranny…?
That would be my granular dream come true…
I like the simplicity of the MG and most of the time I am happy with it.


Yeah I think I pretty much agree, its not that the GR-1 sounds bad at all but some how hifi granular synthesis sounds end up sounding a bit more similar than you might like. I’m sure there are ways to tap into it and have it get some more unique sounds. I think the digitakt actually does granular stuff really well also I kind of consider it an 8 voice more controllable less random microgranny 2. That say I still use my microgranny 2 with it all the time, something very special about the crunch of it. Ultimately though I think it really is a difference between granular synthesis and granular sampling where I find the more simple granular sampling sounds much more interesting as more of the original sound seems to show up in unusual ways. Like I was playing the grains backwards on a bird song on the microgranny while tweaking the pitch and suddenly it sounds like cartoon snoring.


I have a theory why it sounds often a bit similar. The grains are already not on the same pitch/frequency when they get picked up. They then get all pitched to the note played, but they still are on different frequency, otherwise you would hear a „normal“ tone. In the end the brain filters a bunch of soundgrains with a almost random fast changing pattern as category „noise“.
This is especially the case if they have short sustain phases. If they played as long notes with long ADSR values, it sounds much more like „sound“. But it will almost have the same characteristics because of the grains have all a slightly different tune.
I‘m sure it will be interesting to mix granular with traditional subtractive synthesis, like you mix noise to the oscillators. They Waldorf Quantum will probably demonstrate what’s possible when granular is part of a combination of other technologies, like wavetables and resonators.
I wonder how it would sound when the grains go into a resonator:thinking:
If someone has a Mutable Instruments modul like RINGS or ELEMENT, let me know how it sounds when combined with granular samples!

But I agree it can be done much cheaper with software, but I still like the GR-1.
Specs are awesome, it does everything i expected and even more. I don’t think it’s overpriced. For such a small company like tasty chips, this thing is a huge success!


Here’s a breakbeat session with the GR-1 we played. It’s a lot of fun to use it with the beatstep.


Still learning our way around the GR-1 and still loving it…