Tasty Chips GR-1 : Hardware Poly Granular Synth

This looks intriguing

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Definitely don’t NEED it but let the gas begin :heart_eyes:


I’m in a weird place where I just recently switched over to a ITB workflow, and I KNOW I can easily do this in Ableton/M4L- but I’ve been wanting something like this for SO LONG back when I was a OTB guy.

I’m going to be keeping tabs of this and looking for any rationalization I can find to convince myself that I need it. (I mean, ITB granular? gotta conserve that RAM, right? :smiley: )


Yeah, tbh I find it hard to get excited about this when it literally takes seconds to set up in Ableton via Henke’s free granulator plugin.

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This will be mine.


Kickstarter :frowning: there’s so much project who failed to comes to life :confused: so …

Really like Synth to Bubble demo

Put a Beat, a Bassline : Track … DONE.
Lazy guys :joy:


Have you guys seen this? http://www.tastychips.nl/#!

Looks like a Kickstarter is coming soon. It’s early stage and there’s not a lot of details but I’m definitely interested in the concept.


Demos here: https://soundcloud.com/koen-pepping

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Yeah cool. I have been waiting for this.

Nice find @Kingtiers

Let’s keep this up to date here, don’t want to miss out!

We gotta merge threads now.


I’m looking forward to some extensive demos of it.
Layout looks great.

I’ve always said if someone made a hardware version of the ipad app Samplr, I would make it mine. So I’m keeping a close eye on this dealy to see what materializes.
I’m sorry to be unkind but the web site for the product doesn’t yet demonstrate a solid attention to detail. It might be that the awareness of their idea got out ahead of their ability represent it so I’m holding back judgement for the time being.

I’ve got my bases covered with Samplr and Borderlands. Cost me a grand total of $20 but I think I’ll recover financially.


Can you imagine the fun to be had by modulating all the various parameters on this with a Digitakt?


Then there’s PRICE if it’s 800-1400 it should work if it’s 2000-3000 i would not invest that amount.

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Their instagram has in progress prototypes. That seems positive in terms of funding without having started a kickstarter.

Also sorry about the duplicate thread. My forum search must have been pretty lazy.

If only it had stereo-in sampling. I think I would definitely be in.

I could be wrong but I think the price is about 890, 950, and 1010 USD for early bird, second batch, and third batch… it looks and sounds just awesome to me. Are there four USB inputs on the back shown in one of the illustrations, huh, …for usb sticks holding samples maybe?


Shoot- can’t justify it at that price. Not until I see something outstanding that outmatches Ableton’s M4L Granulator

Those that move on this have fun!