Tasty Chips GR-1 : Hardware Poly Granular Synth


Prototype images on their Facebook account. https://www.facebook.com/tastychipselectronics/


Tasty Chips mentions in the comment section of the photo that USB audio interface support is a stretch goal. That would mean sampling audio in.


I’m pretty hot for this box, just hope the kickstarter lands at a convenient time.
Want more demos too!

That demo 6 st around 45sec is like slipping out of consciousness…


FYI Kickstarter is live now. Decided I’m not getting one.


I was all set but stuck at work, missed the first batch.
I’m out.


Right- it looks cool, but after moving ITB- I can’t justify it for that price


Same. I was mesmerized by its beautiful design for sure. It wouldn’t be an integral part of my setup if I bought it. Too much of a luxury for me.


FFS… first batch all gone before I even knew the kickstarter page was live. Want one bad


There’s a lot of people out there that have approx. $900 just sitting around for such a thing–which makes me feel poor :smiley:


Don’t be fooled. In many cases they don’t and spend the money anyway.


Thanks! Still poor, but more responsible with money

#SoTheresHope <3


They got my attention now.


Yeah, I have no doubt it’ll be crazy fun to play with. The mess that Granular Synthesis can be makes it pretty difficult to sport that price tag for me.

I feel they missed an opportunity to put audio-in though. I don’t know if- with sampling over USB you can plug in a little portable interface and live record sounds in that way. (Which I am fully aware of the contradiction of- can’t pay that much for Granular synthesis, but I need more features before I’ll continue to not pay current price tag for device. I’m just saying…)

If you get one, though- be sure to post a lot of videos so I can experience it vicariously :smiley:


Looks amazing! It says Raspberry Pi 3 inside - I wonder how they are getting usable latency running linux on a raspi?


I think latency is not so relevant on a granular pad machine like this. It’s not like you are fingerdrumming on this or syncing up beats.

I kind of miss the macro / performance parameters on this. They are kind of the whole point in granular synthesis and they make it playable.


its possible to get rPI3 latency down to acceptable levels, once you use an external audio interface… which this must be using (if not, its going to be terrible, so I assume they are)
I’m confused why the audio interface they went with didn’t included an audio input, seems like an obvious omission.
hopefully they will also be using a buildroot distro to ensure it boots up ‘instantly’.

I think this is a nice project, a good example of combining available technologies to form something really nice.

you could build this with a rPI3 + 7" lcd + PiSound + Arduino/stm (for analog io) + sliders/knobs, but it would take a faIr amount of effort to then build the associated software, and make it work nicely together.

perhaps this says something about the state of rPI software, with a plethora of touchscreens available for it, it would be possible to build something similar to the various ipad options, but I don’t think ive seen anything approaching the quality of the gr-1 or ipad on the rPI.


Good to know. Funnily enough I was googling around and I found some posts from you on the Axoloti forum regarding Raspi, bela and latency :slight_smile:

Yeah, that is a bit odd!


This looks lovely.


Sounds really nice…


The M4L Granulator will take up less space on my desk