Syntakt upgrade/uplevel forthcoming!

Others: “Don’t buy hardware based on hopes for future upgrades…”


Excitement level just increased a notch!


They’re removing song mode


this one is dedicated to all you NGNY-ers out there <3


Gotta be a sampling machine.



Not sure if this is a hint, but there is heavy compression on the track. You can hear the background noise pumping. Could be achieved with the FX track though, but I’m thinking… maybe they are adding the Digitakt compressor?


I sure hope so! I’ve only had mine a few days, and a compressor/limiter is what I feel it needs most, especially since the FX tracks can be P-locked!!


Am I crazy to think its Vinyl sim and other added effects?

The track has some reverb and lofi processing on it…

By the way… I am so happy i decided to get the Syntakt!


There needs to be a video done that goes in about plocks and compression… This is an area I am definitly lacking.

up leveling = compressor/limiter


I’m hoping for analog compression with the FX block. Being able to choose which tracks go into the compressor and which tracks are analyzed by the compressor would be so powerful for sidechaining, etc.


Well, there are a bunch of empty slots!


nevermind the upcoming features… a 20% price reduction (even if only temporary) is pretty wild. I’m sure some people here who paid full price aren’t super stoked on that. also I wonder if that means they’re not selling super well…?


No sample No gain

how would they add analog compression? would that mean it’s been there all along hardware wise?

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seems is getting hosed at the moment

Have they done that in the past? I think they had the Model series on sales around new year, they sold for around 260 EUR/USD. I had the same thought, maybe they need to crank up sales. I wouldn’t be super happy if I paid full price for it just a month ago…

I imagine the sales are for the holiday season. They’ve done sales in the past.


Seems Elektron generally does a few price drops on most of the boxes over the course of the year. I wouldn’t read too much into how it’s selling based on this…


Yeah, it’s just a holiday sale until the end of November, but also with everyone worrying about a recession I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t flying off the shelves.

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Not inconceivable that they’ve designed the circuitry to enable features down the line. Building hardware like this takes about 24 months from design to assembly line, maybe faster when they can reuse a bunch of components, but they definitely want to think the design through more than once before it goes to production. In the meantime, the software team is busy designing and coding all the functionality and usually they don’t have time to realize all the features. I have first-hand experience with this - it used to be a side-effect of the time it takes to develop software, but nowadays it is also part of a company’s strategy for sales and product retention. Ship earlier, sell more. And, for every major update, there’s a wave of user- and influencer-generated content that leads to selling even more.

Regarding the compressor, I honestly don’t care if it’s analog or digital. The one in the Digitakt sounded great to my ears. I certainly hope that it allows you to pick which tracks to compress irrespective of the analog routing.