Introducing Syntakt

Chord machine is not Syntakt (nor Model:Cycles) strongest point IMO.
But you can use other machines to program chords: you will need several tracks though.

A Retrokit RK002 cable might make things easier, splitting an incoming chord over different tracks you’ll setup beforehand with the same sound.


I have a feeling that it’s a bit more powerful than it initially lets on. I’m just not a synth wiz yet.

I wish you could trigger different timing of chord note like the Roland J6.

That cable would be cool to experiment with though.

decent innings

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Definitely. And you can use it with midi loopback, hence play “poly” standalone with Keyfold mode…

Woah. Nice. Sounds like I should have got one of those instead of a Blokus MidiHub. I’m sure the MidiHub will prove to be useful when I have a larger set-up (I have loads of gear, just not space or time)… but I use my Syntakt on the move mostly, so the Retrokits sounds more useful to me.

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Alto Music in the US has them at the $799 new price.

Plus it earns 15% “alto bucks” toward a future purchase. ($119.85, make sure to use the code in the banner)


I think as folks are speculating in other threads that we’re looking at compression, and that the vinyl sim sound might even be noise pumping through it. Sounds good!


Well why what’s the point?

There are other machines for sampling


What was the price in US before?


That’s a solid reduction

Smaller and less expensive than the Rytm but otherwise meh. I pass and get Rytm instead but that is just me.


I have Rytm mk2 and I had Syntakt which I returned

Syntakt sounds better but Rytm is more fun

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Did you have the compression and distortion cranked up on the Rytm? I betcha fed into heat it sounds better than Syntakt.

I’d bet that Syntakt fed into heat would also sound better than Syntakt :stuck_out_tongue:

It also has a few things that set it apart from the Rytm, like the digital machines and the FX block, which is a pretty unique feature imo. I did think of getting the Rytm instead but those two features alone made the Syntakt win for me.


RYTM sample lock, sound lock, sample chain with a lot better interface with scene lock, performance pads, makes it a lot more playable in my opinion, on mk2 there is sampling too. I am still a bit grumpy about the hh engine ob the syntakt, they should improve that engine first. (ok it sucks on the rytm aswell, but there are samples to fill that hole.)


Well isn’t the Syntakt like a gimped Digitakt with more tracks and no sampling? That is how it comes across to me. I’m happy now with my OT, A4, DN and AH combo. May add a Rytm or some other high end drum and bass synth to the mix next year or after that.

What do you mean by this? One is a synth and the other is a sampler. Two totally different sound sources. Neither is meant to be a version of the other.


Never mind. I still prefer Rytm over Syntakt in spite of the larger size and cost.

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