Syntakt issue with Anker

Hi all,

I just got my Syntakt and wanted to try out with my Ripcord USB to 12V DC power cable Anker Powerbank). It worked always well with my Digitakt and Digitone.

After some minutes the Syntakt is turning off all the time.

No issue with the Power Supply PSU-3c.

What is going on? Any help appreciated.

i think the syntakt has different power requirements than the older units, you should prob look into that.


How many amps is the Anker/ripcord pushing out?

It looks like Syntakt needs pretty much all of the 2 amps the PSU offers, whereas the digis can run on less, so I’m told.

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with ST rated at 2A, the old ripcords are forced to work over specs (I think is rated 0.750 A). You should get a USB-PD battery and a PD 12V ripcord which works even at 12V 3A IIRC

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I bought the following Anker PowerCore:

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000…

I used a ripcord Anker powerbank absolutely fine with a DT/DN together, but it couldn’t handle an OT MK2.
I think even if the powerbank has a high current output, you don’t get a lot from the ripcord (you love current when the voltage is upped).

As others have said, the DT/DN only need 1A, whereas the OT/ST need 2A.

The ripcord is likely the problem though …

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As I‘m not an electrician who can recommend me the right Ripcord?

From what I’ve heard, Ripcords are pretty hit or miss. The one I bought had similar issues. Maybe try Birdcord? Those are great.


I’ve used only Birdcords, I can recommend them, tested them with DT and DN and working fine.
For ST, you would need smething lik this and a USB-PD compatible battery Birdcord PD→12V (USB PD Voltage Converter) | Songbird FX
I think Ripcord doesn’t offer a compatible adapter yet, of PD type (12V, 2A)


I had issues with a ripcord on my Maschine+ Because it was under powering it, it was misbehaving. I got a bulky Omnicharge battery with a DC cable and you can set the Volts & Amps on it so Maschine+ runs smoothly now. But it’s big and heavy.

But I can most definitely power Syntakt too with it.

My ST arrives soon and my birdcord on a week or two. I will report back as I mostly want to use ST as a standalone out of home.

…read the fine print…2A is a must…the digis are fine with 1A…while the syntakt has just some more components on fire…


This looks dope Birdcord PD→12V (USB PD Voltage Converter) | Songbird FX

YOu get an Anker battery with power delivery on USB-C and slap this bad boy :smiley:

I might get one for Maschine+ too


BTW, PD batteries and a 12V PD Adapter should be able to power any Elektron machine without issues, including the Analogs that didn’t work with the old USB batteries. PD seems like a good invention.

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Not available in Germany :roll_eyes::triumph:

Omnicharge? Yeah neither in Romania… but I found one on a local website, new.

I took some measurements and posted them here: Syntakt power consumption

The bottom line is that the current consumption peak at about 1.15A and stays just around 1A on average so anything that is rated just 1A will likely not work or it will be near it’s over-current cutoff point.


See the output spec. Thats whats going out to you gear.

12Volts(constant) and a maximum current of 0.75Amps.

Id imagine you want more current from reading people on this thread.

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Guys thank you, solved!

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