Swiss Elektronauts


sounds great! i think i saw you on the lineup at the swiss night of the machines too


hehe, yes jan :slight_smile: hmm i know you from somewhere :wink: thanks for the chance to perform along cenk!


Not swiss, but living on the german side close to Basel.


I’ll join in on 18th but since I have to work in Chur the next day I’ll have to leave somwhen around midnight and you wont see me starring at the incredible Cenk :sob:
See you soon!


call your boss… you’re gonna be ill that day!


Then I would have to call myself and tell me that I am not able to run my own buisness… It’s an awesome job and therefore I don’t have to think twice :slight_smile:
And since we just got a little boy there’s the second and even better reason to go home thursday night…

Still looking forward to talk to another Elektronaut the first time of my live!


alright, these reasons are truly more important!


Elektron Party in Baden


Holy Shit
Just realised that the wirkshop is not in Baden. That sucks. Enjoy a good night without me. Bern is too damn far away. I am endlessly sad…
Let me know if something similar goes down in/near Zurich!


maybe we can make something simliar happen in zürich too…
i’m always open to be part of events like this


not wanting to promise too much, but aiming for november/december. january latest…

just too much stuff to do right now!


just to let the swissonauts know – tonight i’m the taking OT and AR for a spin in a cozy warm up setting (23h-01h).
at the monthly night/venue where i intend to plug in our little elektronista party in a couple of months:

Samstag 27. September:
Z.L.U.T. 14 | ab 23 Uhr
Klubi, wasserwerkstr89a ZH


BARBIR [live | Les Points | Züri]

MICHAL HO [live | Züri]



Ok, the first edition will take place a bit earlier than i expected.
Below is the line up for our first inofficial elektron thingie. Please do not be offended if i did not book you this time, space for setup is a precious commodity and there will be a second edition early next year. Really hope to see some elektronians!:

Freitag, 31. Oktober: Z.L.U.T.15 | ab 23h

Black Machine Night - Pt. 1
An diesem Abend wird die Musik ausschliesslich auf schwarzen Stahlblöcken erzeugt.
Unser Gast Monochord demonstriert, wie das klingen kann:

MONOCHORD (deeptakt, lu)
Produziert auch unter dem Namen Emtex, sowie The Tape Headz. Bezeichnet seinen Stil als Progressive Dub Tech.

DIRTY SANDWICH (spectra, baden)
Sind zu zweit und spielen Techno und House der groovy-melodiösen Art.

EVOLENT (f.e.m., zh)
Nach Langem wieder!

MICHAL HO (ctxts, zh)
Schon wieder!
[OT+AR] - wasserwerkstr. 89a, 8006 Zürich


As I recently got m,y Octatrack I’m officially a swiss elektronaut now :wink: I live in Neuenhof (close to Zürich) if some events come up or someone wants to jam a bit - still working on figuring the OT out completely though so don’t expect me to teach you anything quite yet! :smiley:



If you are free on Friday, come check out the first Black Machine Night (see post above).



Hey ihr Schwizer,
lets bring this thread back alive!
missing to hang, chat n share with some elektron nerds at weekday nights since I had to move from zh/dd to bern…
@jayphonic & @Zeropage - are you guys still around?
all the best from Länggasse


Zürich. Greetings from Langstrasse :smile:


Jetzt bini grad mitem velo d’langstrass ufegfahre, huere sauwätter.


oh sch… ! weather s really evil today - good luck! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :bike:


Yeah, long studio session, and then had to ride my bike home the full length of longstreet… slippery, wet and cold but got home safely. Guetnacht! :sleeping: