Swiss Elektronauts

Hi there
Are you a Swiss Elektronaut? Ready for a jam, a chat or just a beer?

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me sitting in zürich ;)…cheers

Sorry for the late reply. I forgot to subscribe to the thread…
Any other?

near zĂĽrich


near neuchatel

Awesome! Neuchatel justifies staying in english :slight_smile:
Looks like a meeting ends up in Zurich somewhere…
But no hurry. First I have to learn my machines a little better…
Don’t wanna be the one with no routine and only ??? in my face :wink:

And again my question to close my post:
Anyone else living in Switzerland?

there will be a elektron demo/workshop in bern on 18.september…

and on 19.september there will be a special party event in baden…with a special guest.

Yep, I’m from Neuchâtel.

ZH here. current weather is elektron weather :slight_smile:

Zürich. Looks like we’d have enough users to organise an elektron live jam night in town sometime soon?

I just sent an inquiry to the owners of Revier club to ask if we can rent their space for a saturday afternoon.

Personally I have this OT/A4 project and I would love to have sbd play the A4 while I mangle the OT…

Hi !
From Neuchâtel too !
Starting MDUW…

I’m from Rheinfelden near Basel. I’m interested in a Jam Session.

That’s great Jayphonic! I just blocked that thursday 18th sept.
do you have some more information about that event?
Any reservation needed?

i’ll soon have some more infos on that! will post the updates in here!

For all swiss Elektron Users, i have some good news.

I will be hosting a Elektron-Workshop at Studiosounds in Bern on thursday 18th september.
Time will be around 6pm.
More infos will be posted here soon.

And i got something special for you all:

Just check the lineup :slight_smile:

Also here… more infos will follow during the next few days.
but save the date

Congrats! I am speechless! In line with Los Angeles and Berlin…

Hi Eidgenossen

This is Stefan from Zeropage, Bern, Switzerland. We have Elektron Jams every saturday. So if anybody wants to join in, just contact me.

Wow, I sure won’t miss the Dataline performance in Baden!

cool, i have to join you once in bern to jam out!

hey, i’m from luzern and i make dubtechno with elektron machines. looking for mates to jam with or make a collab with gigs,…