Superbooth 21

Copy/Paste from the email I received with all infos in case anyone is curious:

Dear visitors and interested people,

There are only three weeks left until the start of SuperBooth21. Even if it may seem unreal to some of you after more than 2 years without SuperBooth (or other events of this kind): We are doing it!

The exhibitors and we are working hard to prepare everything, we have all the official approvals for our safety first concept and everyone involved is highly motivated to put on a great and exciting event.

In the last few weeks, we’ve had a lot of questions about tickets, so we’d like to explain in more detail what a day ticket includes.
Let’s be clear again: You can, of course, take part in several or all four days. To do so, please simply order the tickets for the individual days!


What is available in the indoor area?

Access to the indoor area is possible during the 4 hours of the period selected on the ticket. **Either from 10:00 – 14:00 or from 15:00 – 19:00.**This is an exception this year and is solely due to the (C-19) requirement of the upper limit of people inside the building.

What is to experience inside the FEZ-Berlin building?

Westflügel/Halle: 55 exhibitors
K1: 14 exhibitors
K2: 10 exhibitors
Puppenbühne: Zähl und HEDD Audio in an exclusive showcase situation
Various single rooms on the upper floor: approx. 23 exhibitors

Details and exact positions of the exhibitors you will find here in our plan.

Modular Synthesizer Ensemble and Virtual Discussion Concerts
(0€ extra ticket required for numerical registration).

The virtual GK are live presentations by manufacturers from different continents who unfortunately cannot be present. They will be connected via a zoom session on a big screen and will be available for a Q&A with the attending audience after the presentation.


What is available in the outdoor area?

Access to the outdoor area is possible with the respective ticket throughout the day from 10:00 – 22:00, without any further time limit. You can also leave the building for a break, a concert, a cigarette and a drink during your time in the indoor area and then come back in again. Even several times. Or stay outside completely, just as you like.

As things stand at the moment (without an extra ticket), there is much to see and do there:

Tent Forest: 28 exhibitors including the big circus tent with the Moog Landscape.

Fuchsbau: 6 exhibitors, DIY area, SchneidersModularKarussell and the stage for all lecture concerts (Verbos, Nonlinear, UDO, Haken, etc.)
The exact program for the lecture concerts can be found here (click)

Bungalowdorf: 11 exhibitors and mixed tables with several brands, plus some specials

The complete selection and positions of exhibitors can be found here (click)

Catering mile with 5-6 food stalls and various specialities, very good coffee from Johanna and the big bar with all drinks even on tables and chairs.

Finnbühne (presented by 30 Years Tresor), final concert in the evening daily from 20:30, on Saturday until 23:00 with Gesloten Cirkel x SBNH, Carlota & Z.I.P.P.O among others.

Seaside Stage with 4 daily concerts starting from 12:30 and the final concert in the evening with artists like Yann Tiersen, hackedepicciotto, JakoJako and Pole.

The complete concert program can be found here (click)

Pavilion: Koma Field Kit Trip
here and there: Klangsafari and Kurt Dahlke alias Pyrolator with his live improvisations.

All concerts are included in the day ticket, no extra ticket is necessary.

DIY Workshops
++ A separate ticket is required for the DIY workshops in the Fuchsbau. Access is granted with any ticket from any of the four days. ++
The program of the DIY workshops can be found here.

Due to the current situation, everything is probably a bit more local and smaller at this years SuperBooth. We have more time for each other, more space, more freedom and maybe everything is a bit more relaxed.

We have 4 days with around 150 exhibitors and inventors, concerts on four stages, presentations, talks, workshops, soldering, listening, eating and drinking in a wonderful atmosphere with sounds and music. The evening concerts of the Miller-Zillmer Foundation on our Seaside Stage themselves are a special highlight that cannot be experienced elsewhere in this form and environment. There is absolutely no reason to miss it.

If you’re into synths, sounds, modules and even handmade guitars in a wicked setting, get a ticket (click) and come along. See you in September!

Your SuperBooth Team


ERROR, Koma is there, doing Field Kit tripping.

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That’s a great idea HoldMyBeer. I remember they put out the limited edition of that at Moogfest. I think they also did the expensive re-release of 16 channel Vocoder at around the same time.

Loopop built a Spectravox and did a really good demo video of it.

This really might happen, they just might make a regular release of this. I’d be ready to get one if they did. Lots of unique sounds with this.

ADDED: So this would be in the Moog Landscape tent in the Tent Forest. I like the way they describe things.

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I would also jump all over it if Moog released it! Seems like it would be a cool sound processor/effector.

Let me in that big Circuit Tent!


Dave Smith is presenting the Take 5 and Uli Behringer appears out of nowhere. Uli reveals he is actually Dave’s long lost love child from when Dave was posted in Germany on military service. All of Behringers work has been an attempt to get his fathers attention and respect. They have a Darth Vader/Luke Skywalker moment and agree to join forces. The synth world heals and every board now comes with MPE.

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So there is a show just before Superbooth. It’s Knobcon in Chicago, and it runs September 10-12. While it’s a much smaller show it is not insignificant.

As it turns out there are four exhibitors that will be at both shows:

  • 1010music
  • Ashun Sound Machines
  • Buchla USA
  • Novation

So let’s say you’re running one of these four companies and you have a significant announcement to make. Do you hold it for Superbooth, or do you announce it at Knobcon, figuring you’ll get enough publicity to carry you over ?

To me, if you are one of these four, you have to announce at Knobcon. It’s simply out of respect to the customers that paid admission to come and see you in Chicago. It’s also out of respect for the show too, but mainly it is to the people that came to the show.

So look for announcements from these four companies early.

Interesting that Novation is at Knobcon, but Sequential isn’t. Though perhaps Novation will have a Take 5 in their booth somewhere, though don’t look for Dave Smith, or Darth Vader.

There are also four exhibitors that are pretty significant companies that will only be at Knobcon:

  • Empress Effects
  • Five12
  • IK Multimedia
  • Modbap

Want to see the Zola Euroburo ? Forget Superbooth, go to Knobcon.

ADDED: Modbap.
Apologies to all the other fine companies that i’ve left off the list.


I think there is definitely something to getting an announcement out before everyone else. And speaking of Sequential, I think that is why they released the Take 5 when they did, to beat out things like Superbooth, or even Knobcon. And while I remember big announcements from them at NAMM, I also remember Pro 3 was announced during NAMM, but they basically just operated out of a hotel room. So maybe they are moving away from that, or maybe they are just unpredictable.?

Knobcon Speculation:
1010 Music: Announcing the 1010 Brownbox!..don’t ask.
Ashun Sound Machines - You like Wavetables? Well we have Tablewaves coming soon. Pull up a seat and get comfy, the party is just beginning. Smash the button to get all the info’s.
Buchla - A single Eurorack module combining both oscillators and LPG’s called…“The Bongo”.
Noavation - Oh Hey, we will definitely have firmware updates coming for whatever you want.
Empress Effects - We now present to you…Zoia MkII, and it’s just code…so do it all yourselves!
Five12 - We are finally doing a standalone sequencer, so you don’t have to us a screwdriver.
IK Multimedia - Introducing something that 's probably good, but you glossed over it for the 37th time.


The other thing to remember with the Take 5, it was at first an unintentional leak ( best as i can tell ), that Sequential quickly and skillfully turned around into an official announcement.

That’s my read on what happened anyways.

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Well, sort of. I mean Dave himself said that something was coming July, or possibly August if there was a delay, so it does line up. Also, they said they have planned to have another one out by the end of the year. So, end of the year…just weeks before NAMM? Cashing in on the holiday spending maybe?

Big difference between “something is coming” and the leak though.

I think they hadn’t quite finished the video, and somebody pulled an all-nighter to get it ready.

That’s just my take. Maybe someone will ask at the show.


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Well it is certainly possible. I just don’t see many companies throwing in the towel on a marketing plan because of a leak. And the week it was announced some retailers had them in stores and were shipping them. Would Sequential have sat on all that stock until a Superbooth announcement? Maybe. Or is it possible that they wanted to get it out beforehand, and showcase it during Superbooth? Korg did a similar thing with the original Minilogue. They had some available and shipped out a batch a couple weeks before NAMM. I had one. It could all just be planning, marketing, trying to get a jump on things.

You’re right they did intend to beat the rush, but it leaked before they intended and they did a good job catching up with and recapturing the momentum.

I added the link above to refresh my memory on events. I’m off-topic now.


Right, and I agree with what you said about the video looking rushed, especially the dude on the couch. I do think they had intended to release it that week, but, I think they thought they had few more days, or maybe even a week to finish up some advertising.

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What’s your favorite pizza?


To stay off topic a little longer, elsewhere folks from Sequential have said that they mostly just release stuff as soon as it’s ready. I’m not going to say they don’t do some timing of releases (and this definitely didn’t look planned), but maybe less than many companies do. After all, they still are (were) a small team, and they know anything they ship will get huge coverage regardless, so why wait?

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There’s really no buzz to penetrate for a company like Sequential. They could release stuff on Christmas Eve and any and all sites would pick it up at once, all forums would talk about it, them Tubers would be all over it before you could say Schminstagram.

Doesn’t matter what, when or how they release something, it’ll penetrate the buzz, whatever the buzz is at the moment. Same goes for a couple of other devs, such as Elektron, Moog and whatnot.


That makes a lot of sense, Dymaxion. I manage development that way too.

“Ready” has a very loose definition. So it could be stretched some weeks or a month back or ahead no problem. It is not that fine grained.

You also plan, and to the extent you can, you plan a when. The plan may work well or poorly, but there is some organization to when, and some chaos too.

A leak is part of the chaos.

That’s my favorite pizza.


Mmmm….chaos pizza :yum:

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The “new one” reportedly called Nymphes and set to unveil on Monday the 13th two days before SB opens its doors.



I have a friend working at Knobcon, so I will let this thread know if he spots anything interesting/new! :slight_smile: